Is Bespoke Application Development Right for Your Business

4 years ago
Is Bespoke Application Development Right for Your Business

When it is about making your business successful, there is no short cut rules that can guarantee you success. If there was anything like that, then everyone would rush to the shops and get the guide and run their business successfully. Since no business is the same, so why should you use a software application that is the same as your competitors?

Today, business has to adopt digital transformation to offer their customers a wonderful user experience. It is because of this that enterprises in the U.K are constantly investing in new software development solutions to make things easier for processes and operations and help them meet business challenges effectively.

However, there are some misconceptions that a one size fits all solution would help. But the truth is that companies have two choices before them, getting an off the shelf solution or a bespoke software development. Based on the needs of the business, it is crucial to choose the application that best fits your needs.

Understanding Off the Shelf Software & Bespoke Software Development:

Off the shelf products are packaged software applications that are available to a large audience. It does not cater to any specific requirements. Many start-up companies prefer to use this as it can be cheap, but in the long run they usually lack the features that the company might need and this leads to many challenges and ultimately proves to be expensive and inefficient.

Hiring a bespoke software development company in the UK helps the customers to satisfy their unique business needs and since the software is designed with the company’s infrastructure, implementation needs and branding, it works best for that organization. It empowers the business growth with more personalized digital assets. Though it may be a costly affair at the beginning, but the long term advantages are great.

Why should I Consider Something Bespoke?

There are industries where constant changes take place and this makes considering a bespoke application development a must. If you have some specific goals to meet and want to modify the application on an ongoing basis, then an off the shelf solution won’t meet your needs. It is here that you need to invest in bespoke development services so that the digital solution that you use is made to fit your business and serve your unique differentiators.

Personalization:  With a bespoke solution you can have a personalized application which can match your needs and make your products have their own signature.

Frequent Updates and Support:  In case of bespoke development you can demand for updates or the kind of an update that you need. Your development partner will also offer you the support needed in case of bugs, updates and feedback.

Increased Operational Efficiency: a bespoke solution meets the majority of the business processing needs which are both internal and external to the company. Since it is specially developed, companies have more control over the data, processes and transactions, which ultimately improves the efficiency and productivity.

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I have Decided to Develop a Bespoke IT Solution. What will be the Process and the Budget?

The first thing that you need to do is to hire a reliable bespoke development company in the U.K. and discuss with them all your business needs. Don’t fall for any flashy sales presentations, but ask them how they can develop the solution, its benefits, the delivery process and the total costing.

A reliable company should be able to explain all the details and allow you to inspect the work every week or on a regular basis. They will be able to make certain modifications if needed during the project development, meet their timelines and also ensure what is promised will be a reality.

Based on your specific needs and the complexity of your project, your costing may vary. One thing that you should always remember is not to compromise on the quality for some extra costing.  A little more investment today will generate long term benefits in the future.

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