Metals4U: A Magento 2 Project with Rich Functionalities that Contributed to the Overall Website Performance

Magento 2 Platform | Magento Ecommerce Development
About the Client

“metals4U is a reputed online metal supplier in the UK. The company helps contractors and other tradesperson to gather material and tools that they need for various tasks. metals4U offers a wide range of products, which are of high quality and they deliver any metal cut to size or polish them according to the specific client’s needs. The company is a specialist in selling metals, mild steel and aluminum products and other professional metal cutting services.”


metals4U had been looking to take the next step forward in their online and off line business model. With over 50,000 products and a significant number of regular, business, institutional and individual customers, this was a move that was carefully planned and required deep analysis and wide collaboration with team members and specialist partners. As part of moving forward, an improved user experience and mobile friendliness were absolutely at the center of our client’s focus.
The previous metals4U site had been built on bespoke technologies and those had reached a point where a full custom rebuild or application of a proprietary solution was being considered. Those limits included poor mobile responsiveness, lack of advanced payment and shipping options, advanced filter and navigation capability. Core to this was the need to update the site, so that the user experience and the site’s search visibility could all be enhanced and optimized, thereby, improving conversion and sales.

Our Approach:

It was not possible to extend the life of the previous bespoke platform and after a full analysis of all available options, our client settled with Magento development. Magento2 Enterprise offered a cost benefit to development and a breadth of options that would have taken a considerable amount of time to deliver. In addition, mobile first, improved navigation and integration with a wide range of external parties was essential. These requirements along with configurable products and ability to manage warehousing and shipping in a feature rich solid and secure platform underpinned their decision to move to Magento.
Our team helped guide our client through a whole range of features and options as the project progressed. We worked closely to ensure that every aspect was taken in the round to guarantee not just compliance and meeting individual targets and functions, but also future proofing at each stage so that risk and flexibility were accounted for too. This approach allowed us to pre-empt issues ahead and embed solid QA and testing frameworks that gave confidence and clarity on targets met.
We worked through detailed modules from creating custom cutting options, complex shipping rules that gave client efficient delivery costs, extensive filter functionality improving user experience and reducing time to purchase, integration of advanced search, optimizing for advanced tracking and SEO capabilities all ensuring a clear and measurable RIO.
We also carried out an extensive exercise to remodel the sites mega menu; here we reduced the number of clicks that would allow a user to move 5 levels down into the site in just 2 clicks. This provided a significant gain to moving potential customers to their required product more quickly.

The Result:

The new Magento ecommerce platform, has helped metals4U retain valuable customers and attract a wider target audience. The feature rich site improved engagement, speed checkout with a simplified one page system, improved user experience with faster download and provided a clean clear modern site that delivers. SEO functionality has been extended and enhanced and backend functionality streamlined, making internal business processes and tasks faster and more economical to deliver.