Single Sign on Integration

Using a single set of credentials to login multiple systems

Login Just Once and Be Free

Single Sign On Authentication offers the users with a seamless experience when they have to navigate through multiple applications that they have built or third party apps. This means that with SSO, you can log into one of these applications and won’t have to enter your credentials again while entering any other application. You will be automatically logged in for all the platforms, technologies or domains.

At IDS Logic, U.K we help our customers with SSO integration services for all your web and mobile apps with a flexible access policy. Since businesses have different requirements, we implement the SSO strategy based on your use case. This saves you from the hassles of remembering your passwords for each application and allows you to focus more on business tasks.

Integrating SSO Brings Several Advantages to Your Company

Reduced administrative costs – With Single Sign On integration, users have to remember fewer passwords to manage various external and internal apps.

Saves time – Users on an average take about 5-20 seconds to log in an app. SSO saves these seconds, which again adds up to increased productivity.

Improves security capabilities – SSO integration also helps to achieve security and compliance by encouraging the users to use security apps like secure file transfer system.

Boosts customer satisfaction – SSO is designed to enhance the end user experience and it makes the login process quick and simple.

Accelerated user adoption of internal apps –  SSO also improves the user adoption rate of the applications that are company-promoted.

Integrate SSO with Your Enterprise Cloud Apps

For the effective management of user identity, it is crucial for you to adopt an efficient and secure approach to managing user’s passwords. Large enterprises with hundreds of different applications often find it difficult to manage the passwords. We help such customers with SSO integration services so that they can access multiple applications with just a few clicks. We help in integrating SSO with:

• Salesforce

• Dropbox

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM

• Office 365

• Zendesk

• Microsoft Azure Active Directory