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Moodle Plugins That Help Customize Your LMS

The ever popular Moodle LMS is quite rightly favoured by academic and training led institutions as it offers excellent functionality out of the box. Whilst it covers the vast majority of initial requirements every customer will have their own individual needs. For those needs the third party Moodle Plugin market has a range of ready made solutions ready to be employed.

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We can Help You to Manage the Following Options

Moodle Plugin Integration

Integrate required plugin seamlessly into your site

New Plugin Creation

Develop a new plugin with required functionality

Plugin Customization

Customize an existing plugin by extending its functionality

Plugin Testing

Test a plugin thoroughly to ensure it is error free

What IDS Logic can Do for You?

IDS Logic’s many years of handled various Moodle customization projects for our clients means we have a breadth of experience to draw upon. Our processes for identifying and selecting the right Moodle Plugin fit for your needs is well established, backed up by our resilient integration and QA regime. Ensuring your site is forward looking and ready to bring the best of what LMS has to offer to your learners

Outdated or lapsed plugins can cause issues, IDS Logic is proactive and can provide a maintenance plan to ensure that your primary Moodle platform and plugins are always optimised and up to date.

Other Benefits Include

There are multiple reasons that make SharePoint development great for enterprise collaboration. It is suitable and helps an organization at all levels to curb the collaboration challenges both on premises and in the cloud:

  • Improved site and user experience
  • Helps to boost the overall performance of the site
  • Reduction in bugs as IDS Logic tests and QA’s plugins ahead
  • Improved productivity due to efficient completion of work
  • Security advantages as latest updates are considered in advance

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The Benefits of integrating a Moodle Plugin

A Moodle plugin, simply put, is a small piece of code or a program that can be easily integrated with your Moodle LMS website to provide specific functionality. IDS Logic has developed wide experience in selecting and integrating a variety of plugins covering almost every circumstance you may require. These LMS plugins can quickly and efficiently add productivity, enhanced reporting, improved administration and most importantly the breadth of user experience your learners demand.

For those requirements that extend beyond the functionality of the Moodle plugin, IDS Logic can further customise it to your exact requirement. This harnesses the power of the plugin with the time saving that brings, whilst reducing the cost of a fully bespoke solution. All our enhanced Moodle extension work is backed by IDS Logic’s rigorous implementation and QA processes ensuring a solid and dependable outcome with the peace of mind that brings for you and your learners.

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