Sitefinity Migration and Upgradation

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Over the past few years Sitefinity CMS has emerged as one of the favourite choices of business owners. It offers a wide range of features and also comes up with regular updates. If you don’t take the advantage of the latest versions and updates, then you might lack behind the market competition.

IDS Logic, a leading Sitefinity migration and upgradation service provider help business in the U.K to upgrade their site or migrate to the latest version smoothly. Being a Sitefinity solution partner, our experts use the best practices, approaches and the resources offered by Sitefinity. We help our clients with their ongoing project and take care of their migration and upgradation processes.

Why should You Migrate to The Latest Sitefinity Version?

Whether you are using Sitefinity for your business or any different CMS platform, the key to unlocking your site’s full potential is to keep it updated with the latest features or migrate to the latest version. Having worked with Sitefinity for many years, our experts are able to easily handle your migration process and any other issues that might crop up during the upgradation process. The benefits of Sitefinity migration includes:

  • Avail improved and new features
  • Website performance optimization
  • Bug fixing of previous version
  • Variety of security improvements
  • Improved customer experience

The IDS Logic Sitefinity upgrade and migration process

To help maintain your Sitefinity CMS sites features and health it is essential that you keep your software up to date. Similarly, in order to take full advantage of the new features and productivity these updates bring, it is recommended that you stay on top of the latest upgrades for Sitefinity. Ensuring those updates are carried out in line with Sitefinity’s requirements is a skilled task and can have implications for your site and service if enacted poorly or without regard for each primary step and configuration. Our team is highly experienced in managing these upgrades in a methodical and efficient manner ensuring a trouble free process. These steps include:

  • Application Backup

    Before we start the migration or update process, we make sure that we have taken and tested a full (off site) backup of your database and application code.

  • Initiate the Process

    In case your Sitefinity website is not using the NuGet packages, then we use the Sitefinity “Project Manager” Tool to upgrade the site. This helps ensure that we update any web references, update configs and obtain new DLLs.

  • Migration Module

    For sites that use Sitefinity version 3.7 version or older, we initiate the process using Sitefinity’s “Migration Module” in order to import the site’s content whilst upgrading to the next version.

  • Post upgrade test

    Before we make the site live, we carry out a thorough test of your upgraded site against our exhaustive checklist to confirm all your widgets, modules, customer code etc. are all working and performing as required.

  • Push Upgrade to Live

    To reduce your site’s downtime, we carry out the upgrade using a backup of your site and once it is upgraded and tested, the domain is then switched back to the live site. There are times when downtime is unavoidable, in those circumstances we display a maintenance page to ensure your visitors are informed.

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Our Sitefinity Migration Services

Migration projects have been the core of IDS Logic’s project services and we focus on helping our clients in London and Leeds realise a highly stable and more performing environment through our timely and best practice methodology.

From stage one to go live, we have the resources and the experience to make your project as seamless as possible.

It is our years of experience that helps us to accelerate the migration process while reducing the risk and cost through the use of standardized methodology, automation and tools.

We help you migrate from your legacy system to the latest Sitefinity platform with least amount of disruption to your business.

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Our Sitefinity Upgrade Services

Our team of Sitefinity experts performs the perfect replica of your CMS website on the most popular platform – the Sitefinity framework.

We deliver accurate task based on the amount of contents taking care of your budgetary limitations. The backup is made secured during the process so that there is no loss of crucial data.

We use best in class methodology and standardized tools to simplify the upgrade process on premise or in the cloud.

Our experts help you to keep your application up to date with access to new features and functionalities while offering technical support options.

We work according to your requirements and your schedule and ensure a smooth transition with no downtime.

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