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Intranet portals are created to display role specific home pages that help remodel the way employees and organizations work. Ever increasing numbers of businesses have come to rely on the benefits that a SharePoint intranet portal development can bring. It brings greater connectivity and streamlines key organisational communication providing the right message at the right level at the right time.

IDS Logic, is a well seasoned SharePoint development service provider. We help create unique, innovative and collaborative SharePoint intranet Portals for organizations of varying sizes. Our expert developers can create unique and scalable intranet portals that enhance your business processes and streamline data, documentation and key messaging. We have more than 13 years of experience in handing many varied SharePoint projects. We can help evolve a highly flexible and powerful intranet portal whether via the Cloud, On site (client premises) or a hybrid of both depending upon requirement.

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Our Consistent Approach Makes us a Favourite Choice:

It is very important for any intranet portal development company to use a proven and true approach to create the portal.

Just like any product development task, we consider an agile approach to creating a SharePoint intranet portal. We integrate feedback from front end users and key stake holders to fully understand the primary features and functions required.

From their feedback, we develop solutions that not only meet those exact organisational needs, but also help them to operate seamlessly and efficiently through various processes.

Benefits of Using a SharePoint Intranet Portal

A SharePoint intranet portal development offers many benefits. It helps organisations collaborate faster and more effectively ensuring employees and teams are well informed about various events and important documents.

  • Maximum Employee Interaction

    Seamless & effective flow of information & communication between all employees & teams is crucial for the smooth running of businesses. Along with HR tracking, reporting & LMS, intranet portals help introduce feedback systems, employee recognition feeds & encourage increased employee interaction.

  • Easy User Interface

    UI of an application should be very intuitive and easy to use. A SharePoint intranet portal enables the creation of a clear design for the portal helping improve critical processes whilst engage users and improving collaboration in different the many environment teams work in these days.

  • Sharing of Knowledge

    One of the most important benefits of a SharePoint intranet portal is knowledge sharing. Users can extensively use it to share their knowledge across all the teams and members in the company and boost their productivity and performance.

  • Monitoring Tasks

    Not only can employees share their knowledge, but administrators and managers can also monitor those tasks that are assigned to those that have to perform it. This streamlining of communication and visibility of progress and deliverables helps businesses take informed and timely decisions.

  • Sharing Announcements

    With a SharePoint intranet portal, the key stakeholders and communicators can easily address all teams and employees about the company, its performance and core aims simply and effectively. The portal empowers the organisation to share announcements directly to each and every member and receive feedback simply via the portal.

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Our SharePoint Intranet Development Service Options

At IDS Logic, we offer a wide range of SharePoint intranet portal services depending on the business needs. Our services include:

  • Patches
    SharePoint Intranet Consulting
  • Patches
    Developing an Intranet
  • Patches
    Intranet Customization
  • Patches
    Intranet Architecture Design
  • Patches
    Migrating and Redesigning

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Yes, it is possible to build an intranet with SharePoint. With this, users can easily create highly functional intranet pages without writing the codes or doing any customisations. These sites are great in function and otherwise in performance too.

The primary features of an intranet include features such as centralised document sharing, an easy access from anywhere, active social space for employees, company-wide announcements and updates, polls, branding and customisation and more.

SharePoint, ideally is a software platform, which can be utilise for creating an intranet. However, it is different from an intranet. An intranet represents the internal network. However, SharePoint is the tool that is used to build it.

SharePoint is ideal to bring scalability and improved business solutions in case you are looking for long-term results. Added to that, SharePoint can easily be utilised for adding functionality further and improving the overall performance of the platform.

Fundamentally, intranet is about content and SharePoint is primarily utilised for content publishing and management. For internal communication, Intranet is the best while SharePoint is the tool used to build it.