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Organize Enterprise Collaboration with SharePoint Services

Collaboration is crucial for all businesses as it ensures continuity of processes and their effective implementation. It helps improve employee engagement, performance and encourages innovation. SharePoint is an intuitive and scalable enterprise level platform that offers rich collaboration capabilities and helps streamline common project management tasks by automating the movement of the documents through workflows fixed to your business processes.

IDS Logic is an experienced SharePoint solution service provider that follows a proven approach to determine and execute a practical strategy that reduces the time to market and ensures effective solutions. We empower employees to work more effectively with better collaboration to help share information, personal expertise and organizational knowledge.

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Delivering Innovation with SharePoint Solutions

We concentrate on building collaboration and workflow solutions with SharePoint technologies to reduce complexity and maintenance. We also offer customised SharePoint solutions to meet specific business needs.

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Today, customers are increasingly becoming conscious about the credibility of the sites where they share sensitive data like debit or credit card details, address, contact number and etc. If they have any apprehension regarding this, they might leave the site on account of lack of trust. Installing Magento security patches ensure that your store:

  • Boost security, so that there is no unauthorized access to crucial business information
  • Easy integration of SharePoint with Microsoft Office to enhance productivity
  • Configure content approval process before posting anything
  • Add multi checkout features so that many users can make changes in a document without overlapping
  • Create user profiles having detailed information about the user
  • Integration of SharePoint solution with office web app features allowing multi group collaboration

Some Benefits of SharePoint Collaboration

There are multiple reasons that make SharePoint development great for enterprise collaboration. It is suitable and helps an organization at all levels to curb the collaboration challenges both on premises and in the cloud:

  • Create collaboration solutions without coding
  • Enables managing user permissions according to roles
  • Increased productivity even while travelling to or working remotely
  • Easy reporting based on required metrics
  • Compatible with Microsoft products and integrates with third party software
  • Allows creating solutions to meet business needs of any size and domain
  • Enhanced project management and smooth coordination

Enterprise Collaboration with SharePoint:

SharePoint Collaboration” is a communication system that consists of solutions that help team members complete tasks jointly across the company. Our SharePoint developers carry out a comprehensive analysis of your organisational structure at the following three levels

  • The structural level (roles and responsibilities of employees)
  • The interactional level (employee communication)
  • The systematic level (system, policies and processes)

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Business Workflow Solutions

SharePoint Workflow” are a series of tasks that produce an outcome that can be used to consistently manage common business processes within the organization. Our SharePoint workflow solutions help streamline the cost and time needed to coordinate business processes like document review, project approval, by tracking and managing the human tasks involved with the processes.

Workflows help free up employees time by automating routine processes leaving teams to focus on the important tasks. Our services include:

  • Patches
    Workflows for human resources
  • Patches
    Workflows for procurement
  • Patches
    Workflows for finance
  • Patches
    Workflows for marketing

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