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Digital innovation is driven by the ever-evolving needs of your audience and the ability to interpret those insights and apply them affectively and in an agile manner. To help make that technological leap requires specialists who can place the appropriate analysis and resource where it brings greatest benefit. IDS Logic brings its experience and highly evolved expertise to bare ensuring you have a path to success and a solution to progress from.

It is our excellence in handling the latest technologies and our ability to deliver high quality, professional and managed services that enables us to offer bespoke solutions to all our clients. With our partnership program, we ensure that all our customers receive quality solutions, which add growth and value to their business.

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Partnership Made Simple

  • Agencies

    If you are the owner of a web or digital agency & looking for a reliable partner to work on your project, then IDS Logic can help you keep your costs under control & improve profit margins. We can become your white label partner & offer all the support you need.

  • SMEs

    We cater to both small and medium sized businesses and help them grow by reducing their costs aid the scaling up of operations. We develop, manage and integrate solutions for various industries and offer a flexible model in the hiring of our resources.

  • Enterprises

    Our outsourcing services offer quality solutions and it is our experience and innovative capabilities that allows us to handle complex business projects with ease. All our solutions meet business challenges at affordable costs.

Why Hire IDS Logic As a Partner?

IDS Logic is a highly experienced outsourcing agency offering mutually beneficial programs to IT outsources

  • Easy access to highly skilled IT professionals
  • Access to 24/7 productivity.
  • Unbeatable pricing options
  • Attractive cost savings.
  • Complete support and high quality infrastructure setup for communications.

Become Our Partner Today

  • Development Partner

    We offer our clients a wide range of services that includes web development, mobile app development, LMS development, ecommerce and help empower businesses with latest technologies.

  • Business Partner

    We readily solve business challenges and deliver bespoke solutions to meet your demanding needs. As your business partner, you can work with us and utilise our experience and proficiency to full affect.

  • Referral Program Partner

    If you are in need of support to manage a big project or deliver quality end products, then you can refer us your clients and in return enjoy a referral bonus based on the project.

What You Get from Our Partnership!

Your brand reputation and values are valuable and underpin your core business. IDS Logic understands this and places them at the centre of our solutions and delivery. By partnering with us, you can bring our extensive experience, skill set and assets to the table for you and your customers benefit.

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World Class IT Services We Serve with Pride

Our software experts are aware of the latest technologies and can utilise them to create innovative and high quality IT solutions that meet clear business needs

  • Web application development
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Full stack development
  • Custom application development
  • Web designing
  • Application support and maintenance

Become a part of our partner ecosystem and unlock access to exclusive resources. support, and collaboration opportunities designed to fuel our collective success.

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Kickstart our partnership with a pilot project. Test the waters, validate our compatibility, and lay the foundation for a long-term collaboration aimed at mutual growth and success.

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