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Updating the latest security patches that are released by Magento is crucial for eCommerce stores as it helps to protect your business from the hackers and other threats and grants safety. If you want to make your e-store secure against all potential vulnerabilities, then we at IDS Logic in the UK offer Magento security patch installation services.

Security patch installation is a complex process and it requires experience and special knowledge so that it functions perfectly for the whole website. Our technical team are experts who ensure that the security patches are fully tested and then applied properly. Since it is highly important to install the security patch timely to keep your data safe, we handle all situations efficiently and apply any patch within the shortest possible time.

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How can You Benefit from Installing Magento Security Patches?

Today, customers are increasingly becoming conscious about the credibility of the sites where they share sensitive data like debit or credit card details, address, contact number and etc. If they have any apprehension regarding this, they might leave the site on account of lack of trust. Installing Magento security patches ensure that your store:

  • Is safe for any transaction
  • Is protected from hackers and other vulnerabilities
  • Avoids conflict and any loss of data
  • Offers stable protection of the site
  • Helps to stay updated regarding security patches

Our Magento Security Patch Installation Process:

At IDS Logic, our experts implement the missing patches on your store and ensure that your site is ready for secure transactions at all points.

Our certified developers have in-depth knowledge of the platform and can deal with all kinds of safety issues and roadblocks. A glitch free user experience and a high security helps in fueling the sales conversion and leads to developing long term relationship with the customers.

For a smooth installation, we follow a process so that all the patches are installed effectively and quickly without having to compromise on the performance of the store. We closely monitor the site and based on the latest trends we update the client’s store after every new release. For this we:

  • Patches
    Check for Site Compatibility
  • Patches
    Take Backup
  • Patches
    Patch Installation
  • Patches
    Patch Installation Test
  • Patches
    Apply patches on website

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Latest Magento Security Patch Update Helps to Protect from Vulnerabilities

Magento is committed to delivering security patch updates to its customers at regular intervals as most cyber criminals target software installations that are not updated with the latest security patches. IDS Logic recommends that users install the Magento patches as soon as they are available and our technical experts can help you do the work seamlessly.

  • Checking the version release notes to see the changes that have been made
  • Ensure that a recent backup of files and database is taken
  • Diagnose any errors that may occur during the update
  • Test the new version before making it live on your production website
  • Identify the best time to update the patches so you don’t suffer a longer downtime

SUPEE Installation on Your Magento Website

SUPEE Installation on Your Magento Website A security patch is a software that is designed to update the computer program or fix it to improve it. The patches usually fix the vulnerabilities of the Magento and other bugs that may cause security problems on your site. It is with SUPEE patches that we add an impenetrable layer of security to the website that makes it safer for transactions and helps to maintain the integrity of the data gathered.

Our certified developers have in-depth knowledge of the platform and can deal with all kinds of safety issues and roadblocks. A glitch free user experience and a high security helps in fueling the sales conversion and leads to developing long term relationship with the customers.

We can apply all the latest security patches for your Magento store: SUPEE 10975, SUPEE 10888, SUPEE 10752, SUPEE 10570v2, SUPEE- 10415, SUPEE 10266, and many more.

  • The number of extensions that the site needs
  • Any special product configurations or customer variables if needed
  • The integrations needed on the store
  • The amount of customization to be done to seamlessly upgrade
  • Whether it is a complete switch or a revamp of the Magento store.

What Else can You Expect from Us?

  • Security patch installation and configuration
  • Apply patch and run it for various Magento vulnerabilities
  • Regular updated of patches
  • Progressive SSL certificate encryption
  • Maintain PCI compliance and check for security holes in servers
  • Troubleshooting

Don't risk your business's security. Request our Magento patch update and installation services. Ensure your customers' trust and protect your business.

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Magento 2 security patches are important in order to protect Magento from unauthorised access. This helps protect the website from malware and other such attacks and protects the business data as well.

For getting the services, it is ideal to make the contact with a company that offers reliable services. IDS Logic can help and provide such services at competitive prices.

The duration for installing Magento security patches depends on the requirements that clients would ned to cover with their projects. We have experienced professionals to offer the services to the clients.

Yes, it is a good practice to ensure Magento security patches are being installed. With this, your business remains secured from unauthorised access and other such similar attacks.

Choosing not to apply Magento security patches can make your website vulnerable to attacks, which may further lower the ranking for the website.