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Web app development services offering secure and scalable solutions.

Being a seasoned web application development company, IDS Logic takes an exceptional care of its clients’ web programming needs while catering services to global clientele. Our assorted list of web app development services includes all things application and web development, which ensures we have a service listed to fulfil your requirement at par with industry standards and at unmatched value. Web app developers at IDS Logic keep up with the web trends to offer the latest development solutions.

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Services We Provide at IDS Logic

  • Custom Web app development services

    Whether you need a custom app development service from scratch or it is about creating a web-based application, a complete range of development services is available with us in a cost-effective manner.

  • Web App Development & Maintenance

    Our apps are known for easy navigation, sleek architecture, visually appealing designs, and action-oriented UI/UX. We ensure customising development services as per the specific requirements of our clients’ businesses.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsiveness is the paramount element for us to include in every single application. This ensures applications by our web apps developers work exceptionally well regardless of screen size or resolution.

  • App Maintenance

    Our app maintenance services include ensuring a seamless app browsing experience for the users, which is possible with our regular app maintenance services available in addition to app development assistance we offer to clients.

  • Web App Migration

    Our web app developers have expertise in providing migration services with the right execution, faster service delivery, and a smooth migration to guarantee unplanned disruptions to the business.

  • SaaS Products

    With our SaaS products, we offer a variety of software development services. With several SaaS development accelerators, we are able to reduce the time it takes to develop and market the products.

Customised Services to Suit Specific Business Requirements

Customisation is one of the fundamental practices that we undertake every time there is a responsibility related to web app development. We also ensure providing robust security We also ensure providing robust security when offering web app development services in London. Our customised services strive to offer an added layer of security protection across all phases of development and throughout the app development journey.

We ensure app security, data security, and customer security through NDA in order to safeguard the valuable information available to us regarding every new project that we get. We have a team of seasoned developers to manage projects of any length and size. The range of our web application development services includes:

  • Professional app development services
  • Global development standards
  • Quality-first approach
  • Optimised web security practices
  • Immersive web experience
  • Top-notch development services

Benefits of Our Web App Development Services

  • Robust App Security

    Apps having robust security are safe to use as they ensure safety from external vulnerability and also assure that the data is safely stored. We have been providing top-notch security assistance right from the beginning.

  • Result-oriented Strategy

    IDS Logic dives deep into clients’ business models to understand the concept, challenges, and the best possible outcome for the same. Depending upon the output required we offer services as per the requirement.

  • Quality Assurance

    Web and app development at IDS Logic follows a stringent process. Apps by our developers are tested at every phase of development to ensure safe, secure, bug-free, and reliable solution.

  • Fast-performing Apps

    We take exceptional care when it comes to offering web app development services. We ensure that the speed and the quality of apps are not compromised when development work is going on.

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Why Choose IDS LOGIC for Web Application Development?

  • We ensure impactful innovation with a commitment to drive maximum satisfaction to clients
  • App-based solutions backed by the latest technology stack to achieve excellence in business
  • We help clients make the best possible business decisions based on the current situation
  • IDS Logic ensures providing scalable web and app development services through state-of-the-art app architecture
  • Skilled developers to balance app’s usability with eye-catching UI/UX having aesthetic appeal
  • A quality-first approach is ingrained in our processes to ensure result-oriented services

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We offer web application development services for every requirement that comes from our clients. We do provide services for static, dynamic, portal apps, and a number of other such apps depending upon the requirements we get. Our apps developers ensure providing services at par with industry standards ensuring quality at every phase of web app development service. Our development services are quality-tested to ensure result-oriented output to the clients.

As a web application development company, we offer services for almost every kind of application that your business will probably require. We have gained expertise in extending our development services to support and maintenance to help clients in getting a complete web app development package. The types of apps that we offer services for include eCommerce apps, progressive web apps, single page apps, multiple page apps, animated apps, and more. We have the required resource to get an app customised as per the requirement of clients.

The cost of developing an app depends on various factors. Right from app complexity to its scope and to features and functionality required will always affect the cost of app development. Additionally, the expertise of the mobile app development team and its location also matter when determining the cost of development. The location from where clients are hiring the services will also matter to determine the cost of mobile app development.

Web App and SaaS are two distinctive types of web applications used to offer services to clients. SaaS being a type of Cloud Computing app helps users to access apps over the internet, while web apps being software programs can be accessed through web browsers. Both these types have their unique set of advantages for businesses. The services for developing web-based apps as well as SaaS applications are available with us.

There are a number of factors that determine the time of developing web apps. Right from app complexity to the technology stack to be used and to the features and functionality required for the app, all these factors play a role in determining the cost. Complex apps having added functionality will always take more time than an app with simple features. However, we at IDS Logic are capable of providing web app development services for apps of any level of complexity.

Yes, we offer a complete package to provide maintenance and support after developing a web application. The maintenance and support services are available in separate packages that clients can ask for depending upon their precise business requirements. Regular maintenance and support services ensure that sites are running promptly and that there is no downtime. This ensures that clients are having a quality time while browsing through the website.

The requirement of every business differs from another. It includes a separate set of features and functionality that suits the business the most. In order to fulfil these specific demands, businesses require custom web app development services. Such services ensure that the businesses are precisely getting the services for the features they need over the website. This also ensures that clients are having a great browsing experience while visiting through the website.

Choosing the best backend platform to develop your web application depends upon the requirement of a project that undergoes the development phase. For every set of requirements, the choice of platform will differ. In order to find out the best platform for developing your app or for finding out the best backend platform, do let us know your precise requirements and we will come up with the best solutions available.