Betty Miller Case Study

Betty Miller

Business Overview

Betty Miller is a unique high-end dog food manufacturer and seller that specialises in baking the best quality dog food using natural and nutritious ingredients. The company sells a range of treats for dogs of all breeds and sizes, believes in a homely animal-centric approach, and follows best practices to create highly ethical and healthy dog food products.

The Brief

The company wished to move away from a relatively simple WordPress-based WooCommerce website with limited ability to manage products effectively to a high-performance ecommerce platform that provides customers with better product visibility and a high-quality shopping experience. They also wished to bridge the visual gap between a more friendly WordPress – WooCommerce style site and the more formal creative restrictions Magento.

Solutions Overview

We analysed the company’s workflow, range of products and business aspirations to recommend the ideal ecommerce platform. We successfully customized the menu design for the Magento website to accommodate the company’s products. In addition to that, we also configured the table rate shipping extension to the website, which charges different shipping costs to different customers. In addition by careful selection of theme and some effective template customisation, we were able to provide the requested looseness in UI-UX. Overall, we built a new, functional, clean, and user-friendly Magento website that delighted their customers.

Functionalities Built

  • Sign-in area for customers
  • Customised pricing display
  • Price discounting module
  • Apple Pay Integration
  • PayPal Integration
  • Corporate Bulk Discount

Services Offered

  • Technical Consultation
  • Migration
  • Development
  • Integration
  • QA Testing


  • Magento Community Edition
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Java

Partnership Highlights

  • Partnership with Digital Agency
  • 2+ Years of Association


  • Unlimited Product Indexing
  • Lighter and more user-friendly ecommerce UI-UX
  • Smooth-running Business Operations
  • Easier Update on Shipping Charges
Betty Miller

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    Wide Spectrum of Technologies

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    Proven Track Record

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