Website Health Checkup Areas

Areas That a Website Health Checkup Includes and Why You Need to Do One

Your website is the most valuable marketing asset of your business and it also serves as the initial contact point that the customers have to connect with your brand. Having a strong online presence in the search engines is important to attract the eyeballs and for that it is imperative to have a healthy website. But how can you confirm if your website is healthy or not? Often when we create a website, customers expect it to work flawlessly forever.  But when they access the site and have to spend a lot of time just because the technology that the.
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Gats By JS

The Growing Popularity of GatsbyJS and How Developers Use It

Web performance is one of the strongest trends of 2019. Waiting for a website for a longer time period will only lead to losing more opportunities. Even a second difference will make your visitors move to your competitors’ website. The loading time and your website’s content are two most important factors that lead to good user experience. Visitors are now used to getting their desired information immediately after requesting it and this has become a trend that will surely last longer. Static websites may seem to be like a step backward from today’s feature packed dynamic sites, many companies are.
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