Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Target a Wider User Base Across Different Platforms

Enabling Uniformity Between Devices for Greater Collaboration

With the growing number of mobile devices periodically launched, business owners have to create mobile apps that can run on multiple devices. Cross platform app development is the best means to cut the cumulative cost for mobile applications as it helps to reduce the time to market, upgrade costs and ultimately increases the reach to users whilst maintaining high quality. This approach of addressing multiple mobile devices has gained a lot of acceptance.
We at IDS Logic, have evolved as a cross platform app development company to offers our UK based clients creative, robust, scalable and interactive mobile apps based on a one code fits approach that runs seamlessly on varied platforms. Our mobile experts deliver apps for platforms that include iOS, Android and Windows and we specialize in full service cross platform offer that is set from requirements gathering, coding, UI /UX designing, testing to product maintenance and support.

Technologies We have Invested in

As a reliable cross platform app development company, we have invested in all the latest technologies and our developers are highly experienced in using them to create secure and scalable mobile apps. Some popular tools and frameworks that we use to build best of breed cross platform apps include:

  • Xamarian
  • PhoneGap / Apache Cordova
  • Appcelerator’s titanium
  • React Native
  • Angular
  • ionic
  • Sencha
  • Adobe Air


Our Cross Platform Development Services Include:

With more than 13 years of experience in offering cross platform development services for various mobile OS platforms, we have gained expertise in creating apps that combine in-depth research of business verticals and perfect designs that fully engage your users.

Custom hybrid app development:

With deep understanding of the cross platform framework, we offer a complete spectrum of services to create apps that meet your specific business needs and run on multiple platforms.

Cross Platform App Theme Design:

Our mobile app developers combine fine-tuned app development processes with flexible themes to create highly functional and performance oriented cross platform apps.

Enterprise Mobile Apps:

We create cross platform apps that offer outstanding and personalized customer experience across varied channels through information that is based on the needs of the users.

Utility Apps:

We offer cross platform utility app development services that help bridge the gap between users and service provider where any type of appointment can easily be booked with that service provider.

AR and VR apps:

We help you unlock interactive mobile experiences by using the AR and VR technologies and create geo based mobile apps, high quality and photo realistic renders and apps that are used in training, navigation and virtual tours.

    IDS Logic Advantage:

    Our cross platform mobile app development team is always ready to dive deep into your project and help you select the best technology that suits your specific needs. We have synergized our cross platform mobile expertise around key tech domains to add value to your business:

    • Strong technical competency


    • Project completion on time


    • 24 x 7 technical support


    • Result oriented strategies


    • Complete transparency and privacy maintained


    • Premier mobile app development company


    • Seamless communication via email, phone, skype


    cross platform application

    Business Benefits of Using Cross Platform Development:

    It has always been a challenging task for business owners to decide whether to develop a native application or go for cross platform development. Knowing the business benefits will help you to make the appropriate decision:

    Code Reusability:

    One code can be easily customized and used for all platforms.

    Faster Development:

    It helps to speed up the pace of development and speeds product delivery.

    Wider Audience Reach:

    One app can target multiple platforms and reach out to a larger audience base.

    Reduced Development Cost:

    With a single code base development is comparatively lower cost.

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