Magento Security Services

We patch vulnerabilities before hackers find them

Resist Security Breaches and Protect Your Website

Magento being a well-known eCommerce platform has always been appreciated for its latest features and functionalities. Despite its appreciation, the platform has been continuously engaged in improving itself and has come up with security patches from time to time to protect the site from hackers. But merchants may not have that proficiency to install security patches as the process is quite complex and needs professional hands.

At IDS Logic U.K., we offer professional Magento security patch installation services to help you secure your eCommerce store from cyber criminals. Our skilled team ensures that all the latest Magento security patches are installed effectively and quickly without compromising the performance of the store. Not only this, we also monitor the latest releases and update the client’s stores after every new release.

Advantages of Installing Magento Security Patches

Magento is loaded with features and since it is an eCommerce platform, hackers always target the system. Magento security patches help to resist the store from being hacked. Our safety reviews help to assess your Magento system and recognize any security faults or potential hazardous files that may affect your website. Some advantages include:

1.Protection from hackers and vulnerabilities
2.Help to avoid conflict and data loss
3.Easily test for the protection and stability of the site
4.Reminders for up-to-date security patches

Magento Security Issues That We Take Care Of

 Ransomware: This virus encrypts the Magento installation files and then asks for a   ransom to offer access again.

 Credit card hijack: Malicious JavaScript codes are injected into the Magento   website, which allows the hackers to access bank card data.

 Unprotected development files: By default, the directories and files are not   protected so they may reveal your password or other sensitive data.

 Cache leak vulnerability: Any misconfiguration with the web server can easily leak   the cache files containing database passwords.

 Outdated Magento version: Older versions of Magento and the latest versions   have  some major monthly security fixes with every release.

 Security patches: 6482(XSS), 6788, 5344, 5994, 6285, 7405, 8788, 9652, 9767,   10266, 10415

What You can Expect from Our Magento Team?

Our team has come up with the intention to take care of your Magento security system and so we offer installation service for security patches.

  • We ensure that the store is fully protected from any unauthorised access
  • We install the security patches accurately to avoid any data loss
  • We test them properly to check the stability and the protection
  • We make sure that our clients get genuine security patches
  • We give them reminders about the latest security patches

Magento SSL Certificate

If you have a Magento eCommerce store, then you must have a strong SSL security to protect private data and information of your website from the hackers, so that all online transactions can be carried out without distressing about hacking and phishing. SSL certificates are digital certificates used to prove the ownership of a public key. It is installed onto the web server to initiate a secured session with browsers.

We help our clients install Magento SSL certificate on the server and configure it and enable the certificate through the Magento Admin area. Our team helps to complete the entire process so that you can relax as we help you.

Benefits of SSL Certificate Installation

  • It protects data and client server communication
  • Provides authentication to the website
  • Offers better search engine ranking
  • Helps to satisfy PCI/DSS requirements
  • Helps to improve the customer trust