Loxwood Joust Case Study

Loxwood Dust

Business Overview

Legend Presents runs and manages the annual Loxwood Joust event which runs over a number of weekends each summer. The event has now been running for more than a decade and is well-established in the events market. It currently accommodates more than 20,000 visitors each year and in addition to the main Jousting tournament which is carried out each day also consists of a number of workshops, experience and catering options including a Medieval Banquet. Tickets, bookings and travel are managed through their website with QR code entry to the event to speed up administration on site.

The Brief

The client's previous site lacked the flexibility and scale to move the business into a more efficient and user-friendly platform for its users. IDS Logic was engaged with our creative partner to remodel the client's offer from the ground up. The many ticket and event offers were a significant barrier to easy navigation and conversion. This process required reducing so that it was simpler to move from a selection of an event through to purchase in the minimum number of steps. They also wished to move the user/customer into buying into an experience rather than simply purchasing tickets to a joust. This would require a very different approach and user journey.

Solutions Overview

Legend Presents required a very different proposition for their users, one which would tell a story and move them into a more experiential position. Design and user journey became key to the success of this approach. Working with our technical partner the site was redesigned in a more filmic and inclusive manner showing how users could engage more widely in the whole event.

We moved away from displaying every instance of a ticket for date, time and age being listed individually to a more menu and configurable option. This reduced the overwhelming number of combinations and clicks required to create a family order to their minimum. This was achieved through the inclusion of Foo Events ticketing system which seamlessly integrated into WooCommerce. Each Event or workshop could now be managed and added to basket and viewed much more efficiently. The result was a marked decrease in dropout and fewer administration queries.

One key requirement was to improve the ticketing process. Foo Events allowed for this by auto generating a downloadable PDF and QR code. This was a game changer for our client. It eliminated postage costs and any associated delivery issues, sped up event entry and streamlined administration.

Our clients previous site did not provide for easy management or updating of products, content or managing users / sales. The choice of WordPress, Woo and Foo significantly eased day to day management of the site, allowing them to focus on providing their customers with the best possible event and experience.

Milestone Projects

Brand Repositioning

Via a full redesign and careful exploration of user journey the site was completely repositioned so that it could engage new and existing users to more actively and purposefully navigate the event and its wider options.

Integration of Downloadable and QR Code Ticketing System

Integration of Foo Events to create a seamless ticketing option for customers. This allowed for a downloadable PDF with QR code or Mobile QR code for entry. Easing management of event entry and eliminating postage and associated administrative and postal costs.

One Page Checkout

Provision of a greatly improved checkout system and experience for users particularly on mobile. Improving conversion and reducing dropout.

Integration and Segregation of Mailchimp

Capturing users at a range of levels via the site, newsletter, opt ins at ticket purchase and identifying of non signed up ticket owners to ensure appropriate, compliant and targeted information could be segregated and managed.

Services Offered

  • Development
  • Training
  • Consultation


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Foo Events
  • PayPal
  • Mailchimp

Partnership Highlights

  • With the results of year one being best on record IDS Logic has been engaged to help make incremental improvements to the site functionality and capability including express checkout, Improved reporting and wider Mailchimp and GA4 integration


  • Improved user journey
  • Significant easing of sales and ticket administration
  • Streamlined entry to event, saving costs and delays
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Most successful event and season to date for the business
Loxwood Dust

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