Magento 2 Development

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Magento 2

The next generation digital commerce platform, Magento has become the most favourite platform for merchants because it helps to deliver enhanced shopping experiences to your customers. The biggest leap has come with the new version of Magento2 and it has revolutionized the eCommerce development industry with all its advanced features and functionalities.
Businesses that are willing to enter the eCommerce domain or are keen to invest in Magento 2 can partner with IDS Logic, a leading eCommerce development company operating from the U.K. Our more than a decade of presence in the eCommerce industry has empowered us to create applications using Magento 2 that are high performing, fully scalable, feature packed and extremely scalable.

Our Magento 2 Development Services:

We at IDS Logic help business owners in Leeds, Durham and other neighbouring areas to harness the full potential of Magento 2. Whether you want to create a store from scratch or want to migrate to latest version of Magento 2, we cater end to end services to start your business on this innovative journey.

Magento 2 Features That Make it so Remarkable:

  Flexible architecture: It is powered by new and next generation   architecture that offers flexibility to bring your eCommerce store to life.

  High scalability and performance: 50% faster page load speed across   catalogue and checkout pages and high performance with improved   conversion rates.

  Secured payments: Magento 2 development offers built in integration   with payment gateways like Braintree, PayPal and

  Improved features for designing: The drag and drop feature has made it   easier to move images and texts in Magento 2.

  Enhanced business agility and productivity: Magento 2 platform   empowers its merchants by offering a more effective experience that   facilitates business growth.

Business Benefits of Using Magento 2 Development

Trusted by the world’s leading brands like HP Inc, Helly Hansen, Canon, Nike and etc., Magento 2 development is the preferred platform simply because it offers features that no other eCommerce platforms can offer. Its advanced features allow enterprises to deliver a high quality shopping experience to their customers and it is extensively tested and has improved over the years.

  • Improvements in customer experience
  • Better performance of the site
  • High sales conversion rates
  • Reduced upgrade and installation efforts
  • Enhanced database flexibility and scalability
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Email marketing automation
  • Numerous extension available

Qualities That Separate Us from Other Magento 2 Service Providers:

We are Magento veterans! With more than 12 years of experience in developing eCommerce websites for multiple industries, our expert Magento 2 developers can create solutions for complex projects with ease. We craft perfect solutions to suit your needs and reduce your development time and costs. Our developers specialize in customised coding for additional features.

  • Conversion and growth focused
  • Collaborative and transparent communication
  • Agile and trusted delivery methods
  • Knowledge of security techniques and standard practices
  • Rigorous quality testing before final release
  • Good track record and happy client list