Mobile App Support and Maintenance Services

Mobile App Support and Maintenance Services

Get Performance Checks and Updates Regularly

Mobile App Support Services to Stay Current with Evolving Markets and Tough Competition

Business products often need timely support and maintenance so that they can showcase their full potential and when it is a mobile application, regular software upgrade, performance checks and security updates are a must. So, to stay relevant and connected with the changing mobile market, business owners need to ensure that their mobile apps address the needs of the users.

IDS Logic, mobile app support and maintenance service provider based in Leeds helps apps to scale to the next level and offer constant support to improve efficiency, performance and ROI. We help businesses identify those processes that are non-core and remove any redundancy or errors that might affect the performance of the app.

Why You Need Mobile App Development Support Services?

As you enjoy a bigger user base with time, some factors like server migration, low latency etc, come into play. These factors have a direct effect on the performance of your business app. It is only by partnering with an experienced team that you can compete in challenging markets.

  • New Software Versions: Regular update of your software is essential to stay competitive in the market.
  • New devices on the market: With new smartphones coming to the market, you need to ensure that your app is available on these new devices
  • New App Market Rules: Changes in the app market policies too needs attention or your app may be banned if it doesn’t comply with these rules.
  • Technical Issues: Regular changes and updates to the software may cause technical issues. Regular checkup of the app for performance and security is important.

Our Mobile App Maintenance Services Include:

We at IDS Logic don’t believe that our responsibilities end once the application is launched.  We offer continuous mobile app development support so that the app does not become obsolete. We have a continuous program of app review that ensures your app always remains current and compliant and never becomes outdated. We apply regular effort to ensure design and functionality are always on track.

Application Enhancements:

Since mobile apps face a greater market competition, we support the clients by helping them add extra features that offer better user experience.

Software Upgrades:

With each OS upgrade, we help you upgrade your app so that you don’t lag behind your competitors.

Bug Tracking and Solutions:

Our techies track the bugs and errors and resolve, ensuring your mobile app performs flawlessly.

Security Patch Updates:

Every mobile software platform comes with regular security patches and we update those patches and prevent any unauthorized access.

Code Reviews:

Perfect (Should this be Clean Code) code helps boost the performance of the app and our experts review your code thoroughly and ensure smooth running of all components and modules.


We do complete end to end testing of your mobile app so that there are no errors post launch and your users have a smooth and wonderful user experience.

    Why Choose IDS Logic for Mobile App Support?

    Our qualified tech nerds can add great features to your app and guarantee a flawless performance. We are always ready to offer the best assistance and make a way for your app that keeps you at the front of the market and encapsulates the latest trends.

    • Expert team of professional
    • Quick response and resolution time
    • Continuous monitoring
    • Unmatched quality
    • Affordable rates

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