Moodle Mobile Application

Changing The Learning Environment with Unique Solutions

Moodle Mobile App

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way we perform various tasks. There has been a steep rise in the need of effective and quick e-learning platforms that are targeted to empowering the organisations and students with skills that are relevant to their career or occupation. Moodle LMS is one of the most popular platforms in the e-learning industry today and Moodle mobile applications have helped to improve the learning experience for training institutions and education portals.

We, at IDS Logic in the U.K have the experience and the expertise to craft an incredible open source e-learning mobile apps that act as a learning tool to elevate the way of delivering various courses to learners. All our applications have now transformed the process of delivering courses to people and the way they interact with each other.

Benefits of Using a Moodle Mobile App in Education:

Moodle mobile apps for educational institutes have made the learning process fun and easy. Also mobile app boosts the learner’s engagement through knowledge oriented activities. Since students are more driven towards using mobile phones, they easily get access to any information about their course via an app. Moodle mobile apps helps in making learning a continuous process.

  • Enhanced teacher student communication
  • Easy access to online resources
  • 24/7 availability
  • Constant updates
  • Easy tracking of student’s progress
  • Individually focussed learning

Our Core LMS Mobile App Services Include:

At IDS Logic, London, we have a team of mobile app developers who can cater to all your needs using various technologies related to Moodle mobile app development. We are experts in developing apps for various operating systems and mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc.

  • Mobile app development
  • Cross platform app development
  • Application customisation
  • Mobile app UI/ UX design
  • Application testing
  • Mobile app integrations
  • Application support and maintenance

How IDS Logic can Help You Customise Your Moodle Mobile App?

We are Moodle experts working for brands from various sectors in Leeds, Durham and its neighbouring areas. Tell us about what your course offers and we will highlight them in an attractive mobile app that will bring your users close to your services. We help you:

  • Change the mobile app appearance for your site
  • Add plugins for rich functionalities
  • Configure how the app should work
  • Customise the application to suit specific needs

Who All can Benefit from Our Moodle Mobile App Development Services?

We at IDS Logic, have great expertise in transforming your vivid ideas into solid realities with our services. We believe in offering our customers the best solutions so that you can remain competitive in the market and deliver the courses to your learners’ group. Our custom services will empower various sectors who want their learners to continue learning from anywhere and anytime.

  • Academic institutions
  • Training institutes
  • Corporate training departments
  • e-learning content developers
  • e-learning marketplace businesses.