Moodle Plugin Development

Extend Your Moodle Website by Using a Robust Plugin

Create Moodle Plugins That Help Customize Your LMS

Moodle is a popular LMS that is used by academic organizations to create e-learning websites. But your organization may have some specific requirements for which you may have to add some Moodle plugins for extra functionalities.

A Moodle plugin is a small code or a program that can be easily integrated with your Moodle LMS website to attain the specific functionality. It is after significant experience in Moodle customization that IDS Logic has the expertise to develop some useful plugins for its customers in Leeds, U.K. Our Moodle experts can help to customize your site and add features by developing plugins that are functional and increase the value of your application.

The Benefits of Using Moodle Plugins:

One of the greatest advantages of Moodle plugins is that they add features and beauty to your e-learning as well as to the Moodle site. If you wish to add some additional features, then Moodle plugins can help you to stay innovative and create a dynamic learning management software that yields the best results. Since productivity plays a great role in online learning, it is crucial that your Moodle application offers the best features to make business operations seamless. Other benefits include:

  • Attain a professional looking result
  • Less glitches as most plugins are well tested
  • High productivity due to fast completion of work
  • Security advantages as latest updates are considered
  • Helps to boost the overall performance of the site

What IDS Logic can do for you?

For the past many years we have handled various client requests during Moodle customization by developing specific plugins. Our team of programmers have a clear understanding and can easily identify your requirements as they have hands on experience on various such projects. Whether you want to develop a new and unique plugin or want help to manage an existing one, we can help you will Moodle plugin services and offer the best solution. We can help you to:

  • Old plugin upgrade: Upgrade an existing plugin with latest update
  • New plugin creation: Develop a new plugin with the required functionality
  • Moodle plugin integration: Integrate the plugin seamlessly with your site
  • Plugin customization: Customize an existing plugin by adding new functionality
  • Plugin testing: Test a plugin thoroughly to make it error free