An Umbraco Website with Enhanced User Interface

Enhanced UI | Umbraco CMS
About the Client

“Established in 2012, EML Learning offers a wide range of high-quality courses to both the public and the private sector. The company has attained a good reputation for delivering an excellent participant experience, this is a direct result of EML Learning courses being based on the latest techniques and analytical approaches.

The company works closely with a number of departments and even offers training programmes to government sectors. EML Learning ensures the course content is not too theoretical and covers the most up to date case studies so they are useful and relevant in the day to day work of officials.”


The digital environment changes as at an ever-increasing rate with businesses all over the globe needing to respond and adapt faster to keep up. It is not uncommon for companies to struggle to stay competitive, this was also the case for EML Learning.

EML Learning wanted to display its courses on their home page so that the learners could easily choose their courses. The user interface is an important feature on the website which required enhancing. Although this was already a powerful piece of software, without the latest updates and development there is always the chance of falling short of success. EML Learning also wanted to customise the design and add certain features to make it functional and rich.

What We Offered

IDS Logic decided to use the Umbraco CMS and SaSS to create the site. The designer set a complete view of all their courses with a structure that helped the visitors to take a look at all the available courses offered by the client on the landing page.
An advanced search box was integrated with a parametric search option, which reduced the search time and displayed the relevant courses for the visitors. We also added a segment that displays the most popular courses for ease of use.


After the project was completed, EML Learning were highly satisfied to see all his requirements met with the customised solution developed by IDS Logic. The site now offers a great user interface that makes it easy for the visitors to find their desired courses. This has helped increase their customer base, which further helped in business growth.