Rosemary & Co: Magento Ecommerce Migration

Opencart to Magento Ecommerce Migration
About the Client

“Rosemary & Co are specialist manufacturer and international distributers of high quality handmade artist brushes and associated materials. Placing exceptional brushes in the hands of the world’s creatives.”


Many clients eventually reach the limits of what Opencart can offer and are ready for the move to the next stage in their online journey for their customers and audience. This is where our client found themselves as they sought a way forward that would help futureproof their digital and user needs.

Our client required a more robust, flexible platform that improved their ability to perform more complex admin functions to help increase efficiency and streamline business processes.

Our Approach:

Our client required IDS Logic to help take their customers on an evolutionary journey through a familiar and intuitive interface and user journey whilst creating a revolutionary platform that can help transform and enhance their business and processes.

In addition the ability to engage a wider range of corporate and affiliate account holders to increase reach and revenue was required. Magento 2 provided that scalability.

The ability to offer users incentives via reward points and digital vouchers for easy redemption were further reasons to harness this platforms considerable potential.

Artists are incredibly loyal to their tools and equipment and attracting new users can often lead to a longterm customer relationship. Therefore a careful balance of features and experiences had to be employed that would capture and secure new users as well as maintaining their loyal customer base. A scalable platform that could engage and maintain these newer users was therefore essential.

The Result:

Visually the new Rosemary & Co feels familiar and that’s no mistake. Our client wished to provide their loyal customer base and evolution visually. However that’s where the similarities end, Magneto 2 has been employed to bring significant improvements in both the site performance and ease of use for users.

Through the careful use of brand collateral and analysis of navigational and categorisation we were able to reflect a transitional visual and user journey existing customer’s could feel comfortable with.

That’s not to say there were no changes, there have been, many. Key was the streamlining and automation and batching of admin tasks. This has increased the efficiency of many core business functions and processes including, shipping, catalogue management, labelling and order processing.

In addition our client is now able to incentivise their corporate users who can bulk buy or act as referrals via an affiliate program. Customers are also able to take advantage of a reward scheme that accrues with every purchase, improving loyalty and helping upsell.

Every online retailer also knows that launch is only the beginning. Magento 2 has provided our client with the perfect platform to grow its business in a managed and planned way, spreading effort, resource and cost. Its powerful feature set means that in subsequent phased deployments we can help them maintain and lever the best of what the web has to offer to their customers.