Moodle Integration and Migration Services

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E-learning is fast evolving as it helps the learners with a continuous learning process. Highly pragmatic and thought provoking e-learning services are in demand and to meet the needs of the students, academic organizations are migrating to Moodle LMS and integrating various tools and third party extensions.
At IDS Logic, we offer Moodle integration and migration services to our clients in London, Leeds and Durham, so that they can develop rich e-learning courses that are not only informative, easily accessible, but engrossing as well. With years of expertise, our Moodle developers are able to offer various integration services and also help to migrate from legacy system to the latest Moodle versions.

Moodle CRM Integration

Integrating any CRM application with Moodle LMS allows the admin or the instructor to see the data across all their courses with any number of admin accounts working at varying levels of permissions. It offers a holistic overview of LMS data in a single location without allowing the staff access to the actual LMS or any course.
At IDS Logic, we have the expertise to offer Moodle Sugar, Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration that offers the customers, employees and the learners with proper information, the ability to measure and also optimise and track the training initiatives.

Moodle CMS Integration

Moodle LMS offers a robust e-learning management back end, but to sell your courses and to add the materials to your courses, you need a front end CMS for creating the pages. There are many popular CMS systems like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and etc. that help the trainers to make the essential changes in the course easily without much technical help.
We at IDS Logic, help our customers in the U.K with CMS integration services so that it is user friendly and can be used to create and update online content. The CMS Moodle integration offers access to view the course content from the CMS platform without leaving it and users can also view the course details with various integration features.

Moodle Collaborations and App Integrations

Academic organizations have varied requirements and to meet their specific needs, you may have to integrate some 3rd party tools to enhance the e-learning experience. But to use a 3rd party plugin or app integration, you will have to hire expert Moodle service providers who can do the task seamlessly.
Our Moodle developers have years of experience and have worked on varied projects. They are able to resolve any issues with a 3rd party integration that affects the system stability, security and functionality. We help you to sync, share, collaborate and manage your e-learning content by using SharePoint, Dropbox or Google apps.

Moodle Upgrade and Migration

We offer Moodle migration services for fast and hassle free migration of any LMS content and other digital assets from a wide range of sources to the latest version of Moodle. Not only this, we also upgrade your Moodle installation to the preferred version together with upgrading any outdated plugin.
While doing so, we insure that all the plugins and everything else work properly on the upgraded site and so we conduct a thorough testing of the website first before making it live. No matter, what methodology we adopt, we make sure that your site is free from any error and the migration is structured and cost effective.