Ince Gordon PLC: A Leading Law Firm with Expertise in Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing

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About the Client

“Ince Gordon PLC is an international firm of specialist lawyers headquartered in the UK. One of their specialist areas covers Premises Licensing.  They help advise clients on how to apply and obtain alcohol and event licenses for the leisure, entertainment and hospitality sectors.

The process of obtaining a license for these businesses can be challenging and time consuming. Ince Gordon uses their considerable experience and regulatory knowledge to guide their clients through the process, saving time, money and improving the chances of a successful competition of this process.”


The original website had all their licensing services offered together, which made it very difficult for the customers to find information about the service they needed. The client was looking to create a dedicated website that could help them offer some services separately and at the same time increase website traffic via enhanced keyword optimization. The company had a PPC page, which was created earlier, but was not performing as per expectation. The challenge was to increase the ranking of their website and promote strategically to their targeted audience.

Our Approach:

After conducting an initial meeting with the client, our digital marketing professionals started with the SEO audit and analyzed the website’s visibility, speed and keyword rankings in search engines. We also conducted competitor analysis to identify the most valuable and frequently keywords used by their target audience. We helped them improve their search engine visibility by creating location based keywords and implemented those keywords in the meta tags and the web content.
To improve business integrity, local rankings and target potential audience, we also created a PPC campaign. We focused on ad copy and landing page optimization recommendations, which are the most important factors in creating conversion. Our proven approach combined with continued learning on the Google Ads platform enabled us to produce some fantastic results, irrespective of the size and the budget. Strong spam control was implemented on the site and the new layout included both image and text, call to action button, a contact form to ensure that the business would be successful.

The Result:

A new website was created, which helped the client to offer improved, targeted, relevant content to their audience in a user-friendly manner. Targets and timelines were set for a measured programme of delivery, so results were not achieved overnight, but rather it achieved through a continued campaign of improvement via a managed campaign utilising associated landing pages. Results confirm that traffic has increased to the site in line with expectations. A better website ranking and a direct impact on the ROI was enjoyed. This goes to show that PPC can offer better results, but can also be refined to offer further value.