Dependable Trading: A Magento 2 Website with Conversion Centered Features and Designs

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About the Client

“Dependable Trading is a reliable and professional supplier of lighting to the UK and international market place. The company has offered a wide range of services to its global list of clients for the past 20 years. Previously they sold their products via Amazon, but now the company has its own ecommerce platform where they sell products from leading brands that include Duracell, Energizer, Philips etc. The company also offers a wide range of products for both commercial and domestic fittings. ”


With a strict target for site launch date, there was very little room for error and so our software consultants had initial discussions with the client to understand their specific business objectives. Dependable Trading has been offering their services through an entry level website and so the company was seeking to develop an ecommerce store with a fresh theme and features that could offer a great user experience to their customers. Their key business targets included more visitors, higher sales and user-friendly features improving the user journey and increasing sales. Our client wished to target markets speaking English, German and French, and so their aim was to create a multilingual website that could meet the demands of their varied audience base. In brief, they wanted a mega menu, advanced search options, smooth browsing experience and quick load time for their site, all focused on improving their business growth.

Our Approach:

IDS Logic initially conducted a meeting with the client to understand their needs and analyzed the areas that wished to focus on. It was decided to use the Magento 2 platform to develop the site owing to its rich features set and functionalities. The website was built using a commercial theme that offered advanced features and suitable mega menu structure. Dependable Trading had more than 5000+ product combinations. The product filtering system was highly complex but our developers evolved an efficient and user friendly solution. We also created an advanced product filter, which helped customers quickly sort products based on their specific needs.
Our Magento developers created a multilingual site, which included French, English and German languages so that the visitors could easily understand their local web content. Clean code and highly optimized website design enhanced site speed (initial load in less than 3 seconds), which a significant improvement for the store. The site was also highly optimized for performance allowing up to 10,000 concurrent users from varied locations to access the site without affecting load time. The ecommerce site was made responsive and mobile friendly, which offered great flexibility for users accessing from any device or browser.

The Result:

The new Dependable Trading ecommerce site helped our client focus more on their customers by offering them a smooth purchase experience and improved view of available products from the comfort of their home or any location. The designs and features helped attract and engage site visitors and aided simple product filtering in line with their needs and requirements. The updated website has acted as a major improvement on their previous digital presence allowing them to effectively compete with their market rivals and reach/convert many more customers via multilingual capability.