Stopped by police: Layout improvements and PPC campaign helped improve business sales

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About the Client

“Stoppedbypolice is an international law firm that has a specialist team of experts who can help you if you are facing a driving ban. Their drink driving defense experts can help to find solutions if you are charged with a drink driving offence. The team has more than 20 years of expertise in defending such cases and they explain the client with options that are confidential and guide them to decide on how to proceed.”


Earlier, the client had a website with multiple services placed together, which made it difficult for their clients to gather specific information that they needed. The website was not attractive and the content was not placed appropriately. The site had space issues and the pages were not user-friendly.

They wanted a separate website for one of their service, so that they could present good content to guide their clients. Together with this, they also wanted to increase their client base and wanted a good marketing strategy to be developed. In short, they were looking for an expert digital marketing company that could build interactive features with modern styles, run a PPC campaign and convey all the relevant information efficiently and beautifully.

What We Offered

After having a discussion with the client and a thorough assessment, our web development experts together with our PPC specialist noted down the specific requirements of the client. The client had an old PPC page, which was not performing so we encouraged the client to bring it up to the current development standards and it was a challenging task to convince them to create a new website page.

Once they agreed, our designers created a new site with soft colors for the sake of approachability, a contact form, call to action buttons, proper content presentation and many more. Since the client was not looking for any high end technology, we used HTML5 to create the pages and present the web content.

We also created a PPC campaign strategy so that they could easily reach out to their target audience at the right moment and when they are ready to convert. Our designers created the PPC page that presented content in an appropriate manner and helped to fine tune the targeting options to drive high quality leads.


The new design of the website with great content presentation, contact us form and a professional layout helped the client’s customers to visit the site and view the service details and information as per their needs. It was now easy to navigate the service. The PPC campaign helped to increase the brand awareness, establish the business as an authority and leader in the industry and increase the conversion rate and ultimately the revenues. Our solution also helped them to capture the local market, analyze the marketing results and make changes wherever needed.