NIRRDPR: How Moodle LMS helped to strengthen continuous learning

LMS Development | UI Development | Multilingual Solution
About the Client

“NIRDPR is a popular e-learning platform that allows an easy access to online courses on subjects that are related to skill development, panchayati raj, Social audits, livelihoods as per the convenience of the learner. The site can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and this platform offers an opportunity to stay connected virtually and attend the training and workshop that are organized at the NIRDPR campus.”


NIRD had a website where they were offering their online courses that could be accessed by the learners. But as the courses grew and they had more learners, it was time to offer a better user experience and managing the learners was also becoming important. They had plans to implement LMS and was looking for a reliable and experienced LMS development company that could create a website for them with rich features, handle huge learner base and offer the courses in different language.

What We Offered

Client was using Moodle with a basic UI. To be very precise, they were simply checking Moodle if it could suffice their specific requirements. After the evaluation, they concluded that a highly customized and scalable solution could be developed in Moodle and enhance the performance of their site.

IDS Logic offered, a highly customized, upgraded and multi-tenant LMS solution based on Moodle, which offers a flawless, highly usable user Interface resulting in excellent experience- all of this without compromising the performance of the system.

IDS Logic developed a multi-tenant Moodle solution to handle a user base of approximately 150000 users. The LMS system developed has a highly customized user interface based on the UX and branding guidelines shared by the client. The solution delivers customized content written in 7 different Indian Languages based on their preferences. Apart from it, several customization has been done at a functional level like, Analytics at lowest level of granularity, Customizable Learning Path generated as per user preferences/interests, Custom attendance Module, Assessment Module etc.


The final LMS Moodle solution helped them provide unlimited access to their e-learning materials and courses and offered a great UI to the learners. They could now effectively manage their registration and sign ups, have complete control of administration, allow the creation and management of content and evaluate the learner’s performance and gather deeper insights from the data collected from various sources. Moodle allowed them to serve the learners better and help them boost their skills via the courses.