Britspeak: Moodle LMS Website Development

Moodle LMS Development
About the Client

“BritSpeak is a specialist online learning platform that delivers English Speaking language courses to learners in Eastern Europe. Their core USP stems from only employing native English speakars to deliver with all courses and mudules carried out either as individuals or small groupd of 4. These courses are carried out through online video classes for the benefit of direct contact with the leaner and tutor for improved results.”


The expansion of Zoom, Teams and the trend to online learning magnified by Covid has created an appetite and expanding market for learning opportunities. Our client were determined to bring this altogether with a USP of providing all native speakers to provide live language courses and sessions provided via a portal and online video technology. Our client required a Moodle LMS that would provide a seamless and semi-automated platform to onboard potential learners via graded assessment, provide a user skill level and match to suitable course level and then match with available tutors.

Once skill level confirmed learners, appropriate course purchased they would allocate preferred learning dates and times and this would match to teacher availability.

This would lead to access to learning platform and live teaching sessions.

Our Approach:

What looks relatively simple on the surface required a clear understanding of a range of logic and scenarios to ensure that the process of on-boarding, matching and setting up courses with access to live learning events worked seamlessly.

Our starting point was onboarding. Establishing a learners skill level led to a work flow that mapped and matched learning activity and roster of available tutors.

Working with the simplest of front end tools for users including simple Q&A and active calendars we ensured the process appeared user friendly whilst providing all key data to allow for matching and mapping.

Once student and tutor are aligned a final module was required to streamline the online learning event into both the tutor and learner calendars with automated links, email notifications and alerts.

This approach allows for a relatively clean and unobtrusive user experience, efficient administration time and seamless process from sign-up to completion.

Our solution required both a frontend and portal to achieve the required operation outcome for our client, their tutors and learners.

For our front end we employed WordPress with WPML language extension to create a multilingual site where users could sign-up and carry out the onboarding assessment.

The Result:

Our portal employed Moodle to provide the raw leaning Management environment.

The key to the success is the automation and dynamic relationship between the front end and the portal allowing user and the business to match and assign and synchronise. This custom work sits at the heart of our clients offer and is their USP within this market place.

We have also harnessed Moodles extensive array of tools to ensure flexibility in our clients offer including a multi-currency payment gateway and ability to set individual and group based sessions.

As with all things Moodle and a client starting out on their online learning offer this is phase one.
Our solution provides a clear platform for our client and their learners. A strong feature set and the capacity and capability to grow with their ambition. Built in modular architecture ensuring that as their and their learners demand grow we can take BritSpeak forward with confidence and an assured and efficient roadmap.