Ince Revoke License: How SEO services helped to Increase Organic search traffic and ROI

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About the Client

“Ince is a well-respected and established firm of lawyers with branches throughout the UK. As with many law firms, each practice specializes in a number of areas of the law. Ince has expertise in the loss of driving licenses and wished to explore a dedicated digital presence for this area of their business.

This aspect of the business revolves around driving licenses that have either been removed for an individual reason of a medical condition, personal capacity or alcohol / drugs.

Ince works with those individuals to assess the merits of their claim to have their license reinstated. If the evidence is of appropriate strength, Ince formerly engages and undertakes the case through the legal system.”


IDS Logic was requested to help evolve an online presence that would generate business leads for Ince and bring in enquiries. A simple, clear and structured site was required to position the business and be sufficiently advanced in features and functions to build a dedicated SEO campaign. The messaging had to be clear and efficient with strong calls to action whilst matching the brand and values of Ince.
In addition to the online presence, Ince also required a long term SEO strategy running from launch and this strategy had to underpin the build and technological approach.

Our Approach:

As this project was underlined by an ongoing SEO campaign that could be targeted and analysed for successful ROI, the strands of that campaign had to be evolved first. It was agreed that an IDS Logic SEO team would work with Ince to provide well researched keyword list and PPC campaign and strategy.
The elements of the site were built upon this campaign with features that would be Google friendly and optimised fully to be compliant and visible to search engines. Calls to action were applied in terms of prominent content and clear form was created to ensure solid lead communicated. Simple use of free phone number and carefully crafted FAQ’s helped guide the potential clients and filter those for which this service may not be the most appropriate. The ability to add and extend feature rich SEO friendly content was also key and so simple sections like case studies were incorporated to extend site content.
Time and care was also taken to fully represent the company’s core values and ensure that it sat well with the wider branding guidelines and reflected the wider Ince online and corporate presence. Our creative team worked closely with the client and evolved a clear and appropriate visual presence that reflected as required and also accounted for all calls to action, great user experience and overall enhanced website performance.

The Result:

The nature of this project required a long-term plan and implementation over a scheduled period in order to deploy and then run the SEO and PPC campaigns. Early indications are bringing results. The site is now visible and being trawled regularly by Google, ranking for keywords and phrases are improving with first page ranking for a number of highly valued terms. Organic performance is showing good progress and PPC campaign is bringing targeted results and most importantly, good solid leads for our client.
Our solution was designed to grow with the campaign and client’s requirements and our approach is always partnership based. We engage regularly to refine campaigns, report results, plan for improvements and provide clear guidance and advice in a collaborative atmosphere.