Tribal T-Shirts: Magento Patch

Magento Patch Installation
About the Client

“Tribal T-shirts is an online retailer specializing in printed items of fashion for men, women and children. In addition to their core T-shirt offers, they also sell a number of related and associated printed goods that include, Tote bags, Canvases, Cushions. They apply their wide and varied set of unique print designs to this range of products and resell via their online platform.”


Our client manages most of their day to day site management in-house and came to IDS Logic to help solve a Patch Update that was not possible within their internal resources. A small but business critical task and one we were happy to help with.

Whilst a seemingly small task, handled without due care or attention to side wide impact, this implementation could create wider problems. Our client therefore required an experienced hand.

Our task was to review the patch requirements, inspect the environment for suitability and research for where the impact could occur and mitigate before applying in a staging server prior to testing and deploying.

Our Approach:

Our first task was to create a staging version of the site and replicate the environment and then review the site for any issues and outdated extensions, theme updates or errors in function.

Once confirmed and tested, our team reviewed the required patch update, read the associated documentation and researched the relevant forums and updated threads to ensure all bases had been covered and patch pathway confirmed.

Only then did the team perform the update and then apply a predetermined set of test procedures to ensure that the patch had taken and performed the task it had been designed for. Wider site impact testing was also carried out to ensure no unintended consequences had occurred in the update process.

Once all internal tests and QA had been completed, we handed it off to our client for their review. After sign-off, we applied the patch to the live environment and carried out further QA internally and with client.

The Result:

To the end user virtually there was no change and that’s what we intended. But to our client, it was a solid, secure site that passed all tests and functions as required, removing any potential conflicts, downtime or loss of rankings.

One of those important tasks that need to get done was, so that everyone could get on with their work and manage their business.

In short, there was peace of mind with minimum fuss.