LSR Training: A Joomla Project that is Engaging, Responsive, and User Friendly

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About the Client

“LSR Training is a provider of Government related training aimed at skilling / upskilling those who work with or for the Government and Civil Service. They provide a range of professional and accredited courses to those who require either Civil Service Requirements, Personal Effectiveness, Statistical and Quantitative analysis and Management Leadership Skills. In addition, they also provide bespoke, in house training which may be of great interest to a group of colleagues interested in a training or for more specific training. Their model runs from a one off course to long term learning, mentoring and coaching over a period to achieve carefully prescribed and managed learning outcomes.”


LSR Training was managing a Joomla platform that rested on an old version of the software and development that had ceased to be adequate of functions for their forthcoming needs. The user experience was poor in terms of navigation and the web content was not easily assessable. The contact / course application forms were effectively being manually printed off and posted in and spam was a constant problem with them. The processes were clunky and left some potential customers frustrated leading to lower returns and loss of business opportunities. Search option was very limited and often led to results that did not meet the requirements of the potential customers and help them. In addition, responsiveness and mobile friendliness were poor, so the ever increasing mobile markets were not being served well.

LSR Training required a clear strategy and resolution to all these issues and a platform that improved the customer experience and helped cement their position as a clear leader in the training forum.

Analytical Approach:

With careful analysis, IDS Logic reviewed the site’s capabilities and capacity and in consultation with the client provided a clear benefit analysis in favour of a fresh approach built upon upgrading Joomla, reskinning in line with carefully scoped out requirements and drawing from their most valuable asset, their data. Our approach was to build upon the good and reuse their data and raw course content and thread those through the various upgraded stages of Joomla, so that the site was running on and able to take full advantage of all the powerful features that Joomla has to offer.

Technical Approach:

This initial step allowed IDS Logic to really concentrate on how best to enhance the user experience and improve access to key information with minimum effort. A completely redesigned mega menu was developed that instantly took the users directly to the bottom layer of the categories in one panel, thereby simplifying the whole process and maintaining user engagement.

Course listings were reformatted in a clear, logical and engaging form, making all details and outlines clear and apparent to all with objectives and outcomes well defined and visible. The ability to aggregate and compare multiple courses at one time was developed so that potential customers could make effective choices. A clear and bullet proof application form was integrated into the process, so those wishing to apply could now do it simply and quickly online.

A simple and secure contact form was built that helped in improving connection and removing spam. An improved and intelligent search option was also built into the system, allowing users to gather information in a much more effective and rewarding way. In addition to the core functionality, IDS Logic worked with LSR Training to ensure via our creative process that we relayed our client’s core values visually and maintained clear brand values by careful application of their branding collateral and guidelines.

The Result:

LSR now has a platform that is fit for the future. Its rich, highly responsive, personalised target audience features have improved efficiency and sped up the application process. And most importantly, the site is no longer an obstacle to those wishing to apply for a course. The responsiveness is improved so that both users and search engines are happy and potential customers can engage wherever they are. Finally, our client has a site that is cost effective, well managed and issue free, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best – train people.