Sitefinity Integration Services

Integrate with other systems for better and informed results

Serving unique and Personalized Digital Experience Through Sitefinity Integrations

Technological advancements are swiftly amending the market trends and business all over the globe are also becoming competitive day by day. Integrating add on technologies often help to expand the capabilities of Sitefinity for the benefits of customer, partners and digital agencies.

IDS Logic is an award winning Sitefinity company offering Sitefinity integration services to customers in the U.K. Our seamless integration services help you to streamline your workflow efficiencies for your web team. It is because of the extensions that your team can fix all the errors and also optimize the content directly and increase the functionality of the site.

Our Sitefinity developers help to integrate your website with other systems like the CRM, reporting tools, marketing automation tools and etc.

Sitefinity Integration with PayPal

PayPal is a popular payment gateway that helps to simplify the online receipt and payment. If you are willing to have a customized payment gateway, then our Sitefinity experts in Leeds can help you to integrate PayPal where the website admins can create dynamically the detailed order forms, connect secure payments, auto-shoot payment confirmation to customers and set personalization for the customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

This is a highly popular CRM that empowers the customer engagement with real time information. If you are willing to integrate CRM with your Sitefinity website, then our expert developers can help you to easily capture and integrate the customer interactions.

From updating your contact information to placing orders or registering for events, we help you to do all easily and efficiently. When the two systems are integrated, they offer a single point of entry to the business data and send it to the customers in a controlled and manageable format.

Salesforce Integration

If your enterprise has to integrate Sitefinity with Salesforce, so that they can exchange real time data, then our Sitefinity professionals have the expertise to make it happen. Our integration services include custom solution, which is used to manage and store the business information gathered to take a business action.

The connectors help to develop the flow of information in the CRM by linking it to the activities that the contacts perform on their site. The integration also helps to deepen the segmentation for online business personalization.

We Offer More: Customized Sitefinity Integration Solutions

Sitefinity CMS development offers the competence to integrate easily with multiple systems, making it easy for the marketers to offer personalized user experience. Our Sitefinity integration services assist the users to the web pages and also create better engagement for your online business.

So, if your goal is to convert your website visitors, our Sitefinity developers can help you to customize the integration solutions, so that it suits your exact business needs.