Bespoke Software Development for Business: Advantages and Disadvantages

4 years ago
Bespoke Software Development: Advantages and Disadvantages

Every business has some specific needs and it is seen that off the shelf applications may not satisfy their needs efficiently. It is here that they need tailor made software that can exactly fit their requirements. Bespoke software development is highly scalable and can perfectly adapt to the current working methods that can easily be integrated with other systems.  It offers no limitations when it is compared with off the shelf software solutions.

What is a Bespoke Software?

It refers to a tailor made solution for your business, which gives your company a platform to develop, grow and expand. However, there are many companies that don’t invest in custom made solutions and settle for an off the shelf software. Since a bespoke solution meets the specific needs of the business that a ready-made software cannot meet, it makes running a business easier, efficient and at the same time removes the restrictions and frustration that are usually associated with a ready-made application.

Advantages of Using Bespoke Solutions:

Complete Ownership: 

Creating your own software differentiates your business and gives complete control over the solutions that you have created. Based on your needs, you can decide how and where it can be implemented and you have full rights on it. You can use it for many employees and need not worry about the additional costs or upgrades. With bespoke solutions, you can decide on any additional features or customizations that are needed to grow your business.

Scalability and Flexibility:

If your company has plans to grow and expand to cover other marketing sectors, then an off the shelf product may not be able to cope up because you don’t have any idea about the way the system develops with time. But with bespoke software, you can easily develop and grow together with your business and make everything simple and even change the program wherever needed. The flexibility of the software allows your business to expand as needed and meet the business objectives.

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High Security: 

Because the software that you are using is one of a kind, it is very difficult for cyber criminals to hack it. Usually hackers avoid hacking a single system as it needs hours of hard work and that is why the hackers usually target products meant for the mass market. Choosing a bespoke software solution can therefore protect your data.


There are many companies that work manually to complete various work processes and tasks. Nowadays, automation is not seen as a choice, but it is an opportunity that helps the companies to stay competitive in the market. It is by supporting these processes that bespoke software development company can bring a great change in:

  • Time: There is no doubt that manual works may have errors, but proper automation can save you and your employees hours of exhausting work.
  • Reach: Another advantage of using bespoke automated solution is to enable its users to go beyond the limits. This saves time and helps to expand the data base and reach out to more customers and thereby increase the sales.
  • Quality: Bespoke developers can create applications that are of high quality as they know the processes to be used. This finally helps to avoid all the errors and enhance the quality of the application.

Some Disadvantages of Bespoke Software:

Initial Costs:

The up-front cost, which is associated with bespoke software solution is the biggest disadvantage. The software project may cost you more than off the shelf solutions, due to the amount of time and effort required to create it, but it can be said that the long-term benefit is worth the investment.


To receive a 100% useful bespoke solution, it is important for you to know your business and specifications very well.  Ordering some tools and hiring resources without knowing what your company needs maybe a great waste of money. On the other hand, it is also a benefit to know your business goals at the same time.

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