How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Shopify

3 months ago
Grow EcommerceBusiness with Shopify

In order to help you understand how Shopify can help you with all these concerns, let’s go on a journey with us here to understand the ins and out of Shopify with a detailed explanation on Shopify’s role in bringing business success.

The option for choosing the right Ecommerce platform may seem daunting owing to the presence of a number of options for users and business alike. However, a platform that suits equally well to businesses and merchants are just a few. Among the list of such platforms, Shopify Ecommerce tops the charts.

Shopify is considered as a platform that is highly scalable and provides lots of features. The platform can easily expand to rapidly increasing needs of your Ecommerce business. Therefore, it is the right selection for initiating your business in Ecommerce space.
Shopify has a huge coverage worldwide. Almost over 2.2 million active stores are powered by Shopify. From start-ups that are considering expansion to major brands that already have a huge marketplace share, businesses of all sizes entrust their online stores to Shopify.
Shopify is popular for a number of reasons. The article will get into the details of why Shopify is important to business and how to use Shopify for business success.

Shopify Ecommerce comes to rescue to all the merchants facing issues including high cost of platforms, scalability and flexibility, unstable CMS, and other similar problems that can possibly have an impact on customer base. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a platform that comes to your rescue from all the problems listed here.

In order to help you understand how Shopify can help you with all these concerns, let’s go on a journey with us here to understand the ins and out of Shopify with a detailed explanation on Shopify’s role in bringing business success.
While planning to choose Shopify for your business needs you to have handy information about everything related to this platform. This article explores the top features and qualities of Shopify that cater to the needs of various industries and businesses.
The article will shed a light on features, costs, benefits, and more to help you understand why choosing Shopify could be the right move for your business.

Let’s get started from the basic!

What is Shopify?

Simply put, Shopify is an Ecommerce platform that is scalable and allows merchants to manage their businesses. With Shopify, merchants have access to a vast array of trusted third-party apps through the Shopify App Store.
As Shopify is constantly evolving, the capability of this CMS is growing as well. Let’s get started to know more about Shopify from different aspects.

How does Shopify Ecommerce work?

Shopify is more than just an eCommerce platform. Its exceptional features make it the perfect platform for considering Shopify as an online store builder or a system that acts as a point-of-sale (system) for offline transactions. However, many professionals consider Shopify as software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which means accessing this SaaS platform will cost to use the technology.
As getting started with Shopify Ecommerce is seamless, a basic understanding on Shopify sign up will help you gain the ability to create an online store in order to manage inventor. Added to that Shopify helps to process payments and fulfil orders, which aids merchants manage data and customers.

Shopify allows users and merchants to customise the look and feel of stores with the help of themes. It helps them add functionality through various tools and apps. Whether you’re starting from scratch or migrating an existing site, you can do so independently or with the assistance of a Shopify development agency.

By leveraging the expertise of Shopify professionals and implementing effective SEO strategies, businesses can quickly establish their online presence and start generating revenues.

Features of Shopify Ecommerce

Shopify has an extended set of features that allows users to gain added benefits. However, these benefits are possible only when you contact a reliable Shopify development company. Expert eCommerce web development companies will ensure providing all the Benefits related to Shopify eCommerce.

Now let’s have a look at features of Shopify Ecommerce.

Shopify admin controls everything

Shopify is highly acclaimed for its user-friendly backend, featuring a dashboard that provides merchants with instant access to all necessary information.

With detailed sales reports and the ability to manage customers, orders, and products without the need to code, Shopify is designed to be accessible to everyone. Additionally, Shopify boasts a robust content management system (CMS) that allows merchants to effortlessly modify images, sections, and text on their website, reducing reliance on development teams for basic content adjustments.

Shopify is scalable and reliable

Shopify eCommerce allows merchants to host their stores on its own powerful servers. This eliminates concerns about store crashes during high customer traffic.

With an impressive average uptime, Shopify has managed over 10,000 transactions per minute at its peak (as per records). It can also handle 1 million-page views per minute while offering unlimited bandwidth. Shopify also fits as an ideal CMS for website development owing to today’s cybercrime landscape. As security is paramount for ecommerce merchants in today’s fast-moving landscape, Shopify thus proves to be an ideal choice.

Search engine optimisation

A full-fledged SEO strategy is crucial for attracting new customers to your website. SEO is influenced by both the website’s construction, which Shopify handles, and the marketing and SEO skills of the person managing the site. Shopify’s system is designed with SEO in mind, so you can trust the code for ensuring SEO scalability.

Furthermore, Shopify provides advanced SEO features that allow you to update meta tags, titles, and alt tags. Additionally, Shopify automatically generates a sitemap that you can submit to Google to ensure every page of your ecommerce store is indexed.

Endless Shopify app store features

Shopify has an app store with over 8,000 apps. Each of Shopify apps are designed to offer an exceptional user experience.
Talking about the features of Shopify apps, they include subscription feature, payment facilities, upselling, customer services and more. As the demand for more sophisticated apps is increasing, Shopify stores are getting registered with more and more applications that are feature rich. Shopify App Stores’ flexibility is a reason behind its ongoing popularity among merchants.

A flexible platform

No matter where your business stands, Shopify is an exceptionally adaptable platform. The platform’s scalability caters to the needs of companies.

With over 60 free and paid pre-designed website themes, Shopify allows you to install them with a single click and swiftly add products and content. For larger brands, Shopify enables expert Shopify service providers to create themes with custom functions, features, and user experiences. The potential of Shopify is truly limitless. The platform therefore ensurs that your ecommerce store remains flexible.

Multi-channel selling

Shopify is designed to cater to your business needs, enabling you to sell products in multiple locations simultaneously while managing all inventory, orders, and customer interactions in one central location in the Shopify admin dashboard.
This ecommerce platform offers seamless integration with various social and Ecommerce channels such as Facebook, eBay, Amazon and more. This allows merchants and businesses to reach a wider audience and maximise sales potential. This is critical for any ecommerce platform to get success, empower brand visibility and increase audience base to ultimately drive sales growth.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Shopify Ecommerce

Shopify is a valuable tool that ensures a business remains scalable and flexible to users. Added to that, assistance from a reliable Shopify development agency can offer added benefits. Here are more reasons on why businesses should consider Shopify Ecommerce:

Effortless management

Even with the addition of new features, the Shopify wholesale channel offers effortless management. This makes Shopify Ecommerce a major attraction for online merchants.

When you’re managing multiple aspects of your business, having a wholesale online store that doesn’t create obstacles or friction in handling orders and keeping the store running is invaluable. The dashboard provides quick access to key features like orders, products, customer information, reports, and apps. In addition to all this, features like adding items, managing settings, and processing orders can be done with just a few clicks on the system.

Easy app integration

Shopify is renowned for easy app integration with other platforms. Shopify marketplace has more than 1500 apps verified and tested by Shopify. Therefore, the platform can easily be trusted by new merchants and businesses for scaling the services.
Shopify app integration can help businesses with better marketing and promotion, customer servicing, controlling inventory and managing the order as well. Besides Shopify, the all new Shopify Plus help merchants significantly operate their business by integrating different CRM and ERP systems.

Payment options

Shopify Pay is an attractive feature for brands with recurring corporate customers, as it simplifies the shopping and checkout process. Customers can save their credit card, delivery, and billing details for future purchases, making checkout even more convenient.
By reducing the number of required fields from approximately sixteen to just two, Shopify Pay significantly reduces checkout friction. This feature aims to enhance conversions and streamline the mobile shopping experience, making it a wise choice for businesses looking to improve their online sales. Shopify easily integrates with payment options such as PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more in order to make payment transactions easier.

Advanced marketing tools

An additional crucial factor that enhances the adoption of Shopify is its rich array of marketing capabilities. Shopify Ecommerce platform equips merchants with a plethora of robust tools to effectively promote their online store. Notably, the Shopify dashboard now hosts a dedicated marketing section, streamlining various promotional tools.

These tools facilitate the creation and monitoring of advertising campaigns across platforms like Facebook and Google, granting access to an extensive pool of potential customers. Furthermore, Shopify boasts several user-friendly features tailored for marketing through email and social media channels.

24*7 customer support

The Shopify eCommerce platform provides an abundance of resources when it comes to offering customer support. Initially, all Shopify users benefit from round-the-clock access to a dedicated customer service team at no additional cost.

These knowledgeable professionals are readily available via live chat or email to address any concerns. Furthermore, Shopify users can avail themselves of a wealth of valuable resources, including informative posts, videos, and tutorials. These comprehensive tools provide assistance and guidance on every facet of operating a thriving Shopify store that offers exceptional returns.

Easy selling

With Shopify’s broad range of automation and website management capabilities, businesses can effortlessly sell products and services to customers worldwide, round the clock.

A multitude of available applications enable automation across various aspects of your Shopify store, from inventory management to profit margin monitoring and data backups. Benefiting from its widespread adoption, Shopify boasts a vast community of application providers catering to diverse business models and devices. This enables retailers to conveniently oversee their online stores directly from their smartphones, empowering them with complete control at their fingertips.

How Much does Shopify Ecommerce Services Cost?

While Shopify Ecommerce isn’t free like some other competitor tools, it is still a good idea to explore its offerings before considering other platforms. Shopify offers merchants a dependable, secure, and adaptable platform that significantly enhances online sales and performance.
Its reporting, analytics, and automation capabilities are unparalleled and the suite of features explained above makes it one of the top contenders for businesses.

In case you want to experience Shopify for yourself, start with a free 14-day trial with a trusted Shopify development agency, after which you can choose any of the following briefed plans.

The basic Shopify plan

Priced at $29 per month, the basic Shopify plan enables you to sell an unlimited number of products, making it the most cost-effective option for those with a vast product range. However, advanced features such as detailed reports, abandoned cart recovery emails, and third-party shipping calculations are not included. This Shopify plan is the most basic and suitable for small-sized businesses.

The Shopify plan

While priced higher at $79, the ‘Shopify’ plan offers a variety of additional features. With this plan, the rate for credit card payments is lower, and you gain access to professional reports, facilitating in-depth insights into your online store and simplifying analysis and business planning. As the price for this plan is slightly higher than the basic, the feature list is a bit extended with this offering.

Advanced Shopify plan

Advanced Shopify plan is priced at $299, this is the costliest plan among the three, owing to the list of features it offers. It includes the lowest credit card payment rate and the option for third-party handling of shipping. Additionally, it features an advanced report builder, empowering you to customise your own professional reports. Moreover, you can have up to 15 staff accounts, the highest allowance among the three plans. In addition to this, the advance plan include a number of additional features for businesses that helps them get good returns.

Shopify plus

Shopify Plus caters to companies requiring a high-performance eCommerce platform. Starting at $2000 per month, it represents a significant step up from the three plans mentioned earlier. With Shopify Plus, you’ll receive dedicated, priority 24-hour support, surpassing standard live chat, email, and phone assistance. Your developers will enjoy enhanced access to the Shopify system for customisation, and you’ll have the option to create additional clone storefronts to tailor unique stores based on location.

Proven Ways to Use SEO for Ensure Shopify Store Success

SEO or search engine optimisation ensures a higher ranking of your brand in search results, making it more accessible to potential customers and increasing Shopify site traffic. Simply put, without a robust SEO strategy for Shopify, you risk losing out on sales and potential leads. Thus, to expand your understanding of the necessary steps to enhance SEO on Shopify, get in touch with a renowned Shopify development company to gain major benefits.


Google gives preference to mobile-friendly sites in its ranking algorithms. While Shopify’s core website build is inherently designed with responsive design, it’s important to consistently monitor its mobile-friendliness across all browsers and device types as you update content and make modifications to your Shopify store. This is easy to ensure with support from a Shopify development agency that has a track record of providing outstanding SEO services.

Maintaining fast loading time

The loading time of a website adds to the overall page experience that it provides to users. In case, the loading time is slower, users will move out from there, which will ultimately affect the page ranking. Therefore, to ensure a better site ranking, maintaining the site speed is important. Getting help from a Shopify development agency can help you secure better page speed and further the ranking.

Advanced website security

Shopify Ecommerce is a highly secured platform and as a result it offers security to your website also. There are multiple options for keeping the site secured and safe from unauthorised access and therefore ensure services from an experienced Shopify partner is required for ensuring safety to customer and business data.

Optimising site structure

Search engine algorithms operate on code. Shopify simplifies the process of incorporating SEO elements that aid search engines in crawling and indexing your site. Optimising site structure (meaning optimising title tags, creating customised URLs, and including alt text for your images) ensures enhancing the readability and ranking potential of your site.

Creating the right content strategy

The key to achieving high rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) is directly related to maintaining quality on the website in every aspect. Identify keywords that are related and most suitable to your brand and the specific search terms for your target audience. Go ahead by integrating them into your content to enhance your site’s relevance and visibility.

Improving overall user experience

Improving the overall user experience is the key to keeping users happy and ensuring better customer experience. Shopify Ecommerce provides exceptional tools that ensure users are being satisfied with the services. Added to that, ensuring that all the above-written concerns are being applied, the overall experience for users increases as well.

Getting Started with Your Shopify Ecommerce Journey with Us

Harness the expertise of a Shopify agency and professional Shopify Ecommerce services to fully leverage its exceptional design, functionality, and Shopify SEO capabilities through a holistic eCommerce marketing strategy.

Our Ecommerce marketing revolves around amplifying your brand’s visibility and product reach to a broad audience. Key components of a successful eCommerce marketing strategy include

  • Email marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Online review generation, and
  • Search engine optimisation to ensure organic traffic

We employ proven eCommerce optimisation techniques to elevate your SERP rankings and conversion rates. We ensure your Shopify store captivates visitors with compelling visuals, swift checkout processes, and an overall seamless purchasing journey that encourages repeat business.

Shopify’s latest version aims to providing better exposure and user experience than its counterparts in the marketplace. Shopify is making significant progress towards offering a modern and elevated customer experience, including personalised shopping and prioritising search visibility for local businesses.

Relying on experienced Shopify development agency to stay at the forefront of crucial Shopify developments will offer exceptional business returns. This will also provide better marketing opportunity to propel your brand forward in today’s competitive business ecosystem.

In Conclusion

There are numerous compelling reasons to opt for Shopify for your eCommerce venture. From its user-friendly interface for setting up online stores to its scalability to accommodate business growth, Shopify offers a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.

With robust tools for marketing, payments, shipping, and more, Shopify streamlines the management of your online store, allowing you to focus on core business growth. If you seek an all-in-one eCommerce platform that is cost-effective, intuitive, and primed for success, Shopify Ecommerce deserves a prominent place at the top of your consideration list.

The future success of your business lies online. Therefore, choosing a trusted Shopify development agency will help you achieve your goal.
In addition to all the above listed benefits of Shopify, the Shopify marketplace boasts an impressive selection of over 3,500 add-ons. Since Shopify offers a relatively streamlined setup initially, all you need to consider is get services from renowned Shopify development agency for additional integrations such as shipping software, payment gateways, or email marketing tools.

Fortunately, with such a vast array of add-ons available, you’re bound to discover the extensions that perfectly suit your requirements. Additionally, you can uncover some excellent free Shopify apps that enhance your store’s aesthetics and functionality at no extra cost.

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