How much does it cost to make an App in UK?

4 months ago

The app development ecosystem is rapidly evolving. Businesses that know how to make an app and how to use it will benefit from the evolving ecosystem. The article takes a modern approach to helping businesses understand the importance of developing a business-centric application.

The Overview of Mobile App Development Cost

An overview of expenses surrounding your app development cost is a promising step for future-proofing your business. The ecosystem of development regarding mobile app development in UK has reached its pinnacle. Success awaits those who know how to approach an app development company for creating a business-centric mobile application.

Reviewing the mobile app development journey from 2008 when apps were in their infancy to fast forward to 2024, the current number of apps in the Play Store is around 2.89 million while the App Store has a massive 2 million applications. Not only these numbers are impressive but the benefits that come along are striking too.

This guide is created to cover everything around mobile app development cost. It will provide you an insight on how to develop an app, how much does it cost to create an app in the UK, steps involved in app development, its release, ongoing maintenance, and post-launch support.

Also, you will have insightful details on understanding the development budget, where to hire services from, choosing the right platform and selecting the right service provider.

Stay tuned to have an in-depth understanding of choosing the right technology partner and why having a brand image is a must when considering such a partnership.

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Factors influencing mobile app development cost

The app development cost majorly depends on the following factors:

  • Software goal to achieve
  • Time to code
  • Geographic area to hire services from
  • App complexity
  • Development platform
  • Maintenance cost
  • Launch

How much does it cost to make an app?

Let’s Find Out

With so many steps involved, you must be wondering if all this cost is worth it. Given how much it costs to develop and maintain an app, ensuring the viability of your app becomes critical. We will be offering you an in-depth understanding here by discussing all the important pointers.

Before we go further, here is what we would like to suggest to you!

IDS Logic’s Approach: Deciding on the right goals to achieve through mobile app development in UK is critical. Let your technology partner do the thinking for you while you can rest assured of value-driven outcomes.

Software goal to achieve

The overall cost of development primarily hinges on the software goal to be achieved through the creation of the application. The goal to achieve primarily depends on two factors:

  • Which niche the business operate in?
  • What target audience you are to serve?

There are plenty of other factors that will influence these choices of development. However, the two factors mentioned here will have a major impact in shaping the overall scenario.

Irrespective of the niche your business operates in, the assistance of a technology partner for understanding how to create an app will always be helpful.

  • Time to code

The time from app ideation to turning the idea into reality determines the cost as well. The coding thus matters and the choice of the right software/ app development company too. Plenty of factors influence the time that goes into the coding. This includes the expertise of the developer, the selected method and finally experience of handling complex projects.

  • Geographic area to hire services from

Some global destinations are renowned for offering competitive mobile app development services. The choice of the location will thus play a critical role in determining the cost of development and competitiveness of the mobile app development company.

  • App complexity

The more complex the application is, the higher the cost. Ensure app quality and features to get a promising result and to improve the app’s performance. Decide if you want to start with a CMS, an LMS or custom development.

  • Development platform

The overall app development cost will also depend on selected platform. For instance, going for cross-mobile app development will always be costly than choosing to develop a native app for a single system (operating system i.e. either for Android or Apple.

  • Maintenance cost

Post-development is as critical as the pre-launching of an application. managing maintenance cost will provide insight on how to manage mobile app development in UK. Your trusted app development partner must ensure the app perform smoothly without glitches, crashes and platform and bug issues. The chosen app development support will last for a specific time period. Thus, ensure you get ongoing maintenance by having a discussion beforehand.

IDS Logic’s Approach: IDS Logic offers a complete mobile app development package ensuring development, deployment, app launch and post development maintenance support through services from experienced industry professionals.

Mobile app development options

App development services are available either through the assistance of a freelancer or by choosing the services of an app development firm. Both these options have their pros and cons and therefore the choice depends on the prerequisites of the business.

For businesses considering mobile app development services through a company will always offer exceptional benefits.

Hiring a freelancer

Going for freelancer’s services can be the right option for small enterprises. As the work is managed through a single resource the cost of development will always be lesser than comparing the same with mobile app development cost of a company.

Freelancers have flexible work schedules and can work remotely. They may seem to be an affordable option in comparison with hiring services from a company; however, ensuring their experience and job skills is tough. As they work remotely, ensuring their credentials and expertise will be an added responsibility.

Freelancers may provide essential guidance throughout development support, which makes it easier to navigate through all development roadblocks.

Partnership with an app development company

Getting services of a mobile app development company is a reliable way to get a business-centric mobile application. App development companies have experienced professionals working together to ensure a well-organised workflow and security standards.

Hiring services of an experienced app development partner also promises an app having the latest technology.

When selecting an app development firm checking reviews and testimony from previous clients matters. This will help to know the authenticity and the expertise of the selected firm.

Look for a company working in a similar niche so that it can provide the required assistance.

IDS Logic’s Approach: IDS Logic being a leading technology partner can help you accelerate the growth of your organisation through a business-centric mobile application.

Approximate app development cost UK 2024

The app development cost in UK majorly depends on the experience of developers. Here is an image to illustrate the difference in how mobile app development cost varies.

develop an app guide

App development services from junior developers

Junior developers just have a year of experience. They do have familiarity with technologies like JavaScript and frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.

However, they lack the necessary experience in developing the app and therefore are available at the most affordable rates. Therefore, the cost of app development UK with the help of a junior developer will be around £35,000 per year.

App development services from mid-level developers

Mid-level developers have more comprehensive skills and experience in developing a complete mobile application. They have experience of developing apps for various platforms and operating systems.

Mid-level developers can easily develop, test, deploy, and release an application. they have experience with a greater number of tools and technologies used for mobile app development. They can offer services for customised mobile applications and can also provide services to manage the database.

Owing to their experience and familiarity with the technology, they have a hiring cost of around £50,000 per year.

App development services from senior developers

By choosing services from senior developers, you are in for a promising customised solution that resonates with your business identity. Senior developers and designers can offer bespoke app development services and can easily manage the codebase while providing cloud development services as well.

Senior developers can vouch for the app quality and can easily provide your business with an advanced functionality application. To hire the services of these senior developers, you will have to spend around a minimum of £200,000.

IDS Logic’s Approach: We offer services employing the most experienced professionals who are well aware of the recent mobile app development technology.

Cost of app maintenance

The ongoing cost of maintenance varies depending on the feature and app type. The price also is impactive with the development team size, app infrastructure and the platform it runs on. The following factors also have an impact on mobile app development cost in UK.

Server hosting cost

The overall server hosting cost is determined by a number of factors together. It includes factors like the type of server used and the size of the application. cloud-based hosting services are scalable and can easily grow as the app’s usage grows.

Development cost

The development cost includes the time of developers that goes into the coding. The developer’s experience does have an impact on the overall cost.

Content and data cost

Mobile app development cost in the UK also includes the cost that goes into regular content and data update. Apps require regular updates that incur some costs to a mobile app development company. Content and data update are an ongoing cost that a company will have to pay from time to time to their app development service provider.

Cost to third-party

Certain applications require third-party support to ensure push notifications, analytics and in-app messaging. You either need to pay through a subscription or a cost depending upon the app usage. This cost increases with the time.

App security cost

As the app functionality evolves, it needs to ensure new compliance standards. This includes regular security audits, regular data monitoring usage, compliance reviews and more. All this adds to the overall mobile app development cost.

App maintenance cost

Even after launching your application successfully, it will require regular maintenance to keep it relevant with all the latest updates. A maintenance plan from your mobile app development service provider will help to determine the cost of regular app maintenance.

IDS Logic’s Approach: App maintenance services at IDS Logic are available for businesses of every length. We have the most experienced resource to maintain and offer support post the app launch.

The difference in cost between Hybrid and Native development

Native and hybrid applications differ in their functions. The cost thus also differs majorly for both these platforms.

Let’s understand the difference in cost between hybrid and mobile applications.

Native mobile app development

Native apps use specific programming languages. For example- Java for Android and Swift/ Objective C for iOS. Native applications require a tailored approach when it comes to creating app functionality. The apps may require multiple versions of code to ensure app optimisation is done properly.

Native apps perform really well for the developed platform. They are faster responsive and smoother as well.

Hybrid mobile app development

Hybrid applications use HTML CSS, AND JavaScript as web development technologies. Additionally, the popular frameworks for hybrid mobile app development are Cordova and React Native. The cost of mobile app development for Hybrid apps is lesser than Native as these apps are not platform device specific.

The advantage of hybrid mobile app development is that the same codebase can be used to run apps on different operating systems.

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