Learnenglish : Time Tracking and Reporting Module Built using Moodle

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About the Client

“Learnenglish is leading professional English course provider to students who can easily access the website and choose the course module as per their requirements. The different courses in English are designed to transform your English language skills with intensive learning programs. It helps to make your communication effective and clear with PowerPoint support, videos, reading exercises and quizzes. With their varied programs, you can not only improve your verbal communication skills for your workplace or school, but also improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.”

The Challenges

If the administrators and the educators can have greater insights into how much time the learners are actively spending in their courses, and manage the activities based on the time and generate reports, then they would be able to ensure and monitor the learner’s success and knowledge retention.

LearnEnglish was facing such a challenge and wanted to track the total time spend on the course and monitor the ultimate performance of the student. This is an issue of concern as it is one of the most essential factors in the educational production- Students study time – on academic achievement. Quantifying the effect of study time on achievement is important to measure the learning outcomes and finally also from the student’s perspective who seeks to attain their personal goals.

What We Offered

LearnEnglish website was already on Moodle 3.3.1 and IDS Logic helped them to develop two custom plugins so that they could easily track the time spent by the students on their courses.

Plugin 1:

This plugin helps to choose a particular date range of a student and view a record of the user’s activities by running some calculations on the logs and generate a report accordingly. This means that the data is accumulated with the time spend and can be easily exported into a report or on a variety of tables or charts.

The teacher or admin can generate the report on the user level:

1. Select a date range (normally from month’s start to end)

2. See what courses the student accessed during the date range

3. Check the time spent in each of the courses during the date range

4. View the Grades associated to the course during the date range


This plugin helps to export the required data into a report so that it can be viewed by the educators or the administrators. The reports help the admins to check the student’s activities based on whether the learner has reached the minimum time spent learning in the course. This helps them to enhance the engagement factor for the particular student so that they can reach the maximum time in a course.


1- Select a cohort

2- Select date range from – to

3- Export to Excel with the following information grouped per student

a)- Courses accessed

b)- Grade per course achieved

c)- Time spent in each course

d)- Total time spent online in date range

e)- Average grade for tests completed

The Results:

Once our LMS developers completed developing the plugins and had integrated them with the existing application, the client could easily track the time spent by each student on their courses and could generate a report which offered deeper insights into the student’s progress and help them according to boost their performance. LearnEnglish could now create engagement strategies and help retain the students and enhance their academic performance.