PPC Campaign Management

Helping Business Find Customers with Google Ads

Get the Highest Return Out of Your Ad Campaign with PPC

If you are looking for sponsored advertising in the online space, then PPC is a definitive tool that can ensure the highest returns out of your ad campaigns. As a cost-effective means to earn a top spot in Google or Bing results, PPC is also one of the most profitable marketing strategies that help business owners to get instant acclaim in the search results.

IDS Logic is a PPC service provider operating from the U.K. having expertise in creating ads that are specially designed to increase web traffic and business exposure. We are a trusted name in this field and our PPC professionals can continually optimize your campaigns, make a data-driven decision and help turn visits into sales.

Search Advertising

This crucial ad channel helps to focus on bidding, keywords, and ads to drive growth. Also known as paid search advertising, Google advertising is a marketing technique that places online advertisements in search engine results. Our online marketing experts in Leeds help you target your customers based on multiple dimensions that include time, device and location. With this paid search advertising, you can find yourself ranking for your chosen keywords and also have greater control over the ad copy that helps to target your ideal buyer personas.

Display Ads Management

Advertising across the display networks is an affordable means to attain big results. The ads visually appeal in front of the users as they surf the web and grab attention. We, at IDS Logic help to drive your digital advertising campaign to success from ad creation to analytics assessment to targeting optimisation. We have helped various clients to manage highly profitable ad campaigns across various Google Display Network and have worked directly with many individual sites.

Product Listing Ads

These ads are cost per click ads that online merchants purchase through AdWords. The ads allow eCommerce businesses to place products at the top of Google SERP. They appear on the left or top of the search page. We provide our clients with authentic data that helps to rank their shopping websites on the basis of revenue generated, traffic, conversion rates, and other parameters. Our main aim is to consistently generate the maximum traffic and profit for our clients.

Re-marketing and Re-targeting

This ad reminds the viewer about your company and increases the chances of conversion to sales. We, at IDS Logic, help you to turn your marginal visitors into engaging customers and ensure a higher acquisition rate and low cost per clicks. Our professionals create an updated list of target accounts, segment and create profiles of customers as per their interests and create engaging ad texts that compel them to visit the store again and also complete their purchase.

Social Media Advertising

It helps to gain more trust, increase engagement, boost recognition and attract clients. Our social media advertising campaigns connect your services and products to thousands of potential customers. We make it easy for you to target the searchers and not the search terms while opening the pathways to expand the audience in a new way. Our team is skilled at creating, designing and executing ad campaigns across the host of social media platforms.

What Our PPC Experts can Do for You?

  • We research and then develop a list of keywords that are related to your products or services
  • We identify your potential market and set the demographics to display the ads accordingly
  • Our experts continuously monitor the performance of the campaign and set optimum bid values
  • We design the PPC ads and incorporate the content with the targeted keywords for best results
  • We ensure that your ad reaches the maximum audience at the lowest possible expenses
  • We follow a periodical auditing and as per the results re-strategize the campaigns as required

How Our PPC Management Services can Help You?

As a leading PPC management company in Leeds, we offer a wide range of services that aim to take your online business to the topmost rungs of success. All of our solutions help you achieve the best outcomes that ensure business success. Not only this, but we also help our clients to re-market their service to the right customers by effectively calculating the techniques of PPC and ensuring optimum value for your investments.

  • Unique PPC advertisement copies
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Reduced Cost Per Conversion
  • Effective campaign reports
  • Better leads and sales
  • Generate higher revenues