5 Best Android Libraries for Developers in 2021

3 years ago
5 Best Android Libraries for Developers in 2021

Building an Android app is not a cakewalk. Being an Android developer, there are various aspects that you have to handle such as design, development, testing, launching, maintenance, and many more. It is an ongoing process that demands both time and efforts.

When it comes to the libraries, Android platform has a vast option that makes the app development process simpler and faster. You can build a robust and feature-packed app with minimal efforts using the Android app library. This is because you will get the pre-written codes that can be utilized while building Android apps, and eliminates the need to build them from the start.

Some of the Best Android Libraries for Developers

Here is the list of the best Android libraries in 2021 that you should know about:

Dagger 2

Dependency injection is a process that allows the developers to build effective Android libraries architecture for apps. If you need a good library for the dependency injection, then Dagger is the most suitable option. The developers can create plain Java code using this compile-time framework.


It is a type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java. With its help, the developers can easily convert HTTP API into a Java interface. When you have to create a network request, you are required to execute an Async task class and utilize HttpsUrlConnectionto get the data, which is not a feasible solution with APIs. This thing has been fixed by Retrofit.

Android DataBinding

This binding library helps in binding the UI elements in your layout to data sources. This has been done in the declarative format instead of programming. It does not make use of annotations and the codes generated are easy and short. The best part is that it can be set up easily, and offers a lot of functionalities.

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Android platform offers APIs that are not optimized for better performance. This makes it quite difficult to handle the images. In that scenario, Glide will be a good choice. This library helps in loading the images fast and provides seamless scrolling. This open-source library consists of flexible API along with decoding pipelines and resource pooling.


Zxing or Zebra Crossing is a popular barcode image-processing Android library based on Java. It is fully compatible with 1D product, 1D industrial, and 2D bar codes. Even Google uses this library to create millions of barcodes online.

Look for the renowned Android app development services that are familiar with the latest Android libraries. This will prove valuable for the success of your app project. So, do your proper research online to get the desirable outcomes faster.

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