Reasons to Choose Kotlin for Android App Development

3 years ago
Reasons to Choose Kotlin for Android App Development

There is no denying the fact that Java is a popular programming language for Android app development. It has been used by the developers for a long time to build apps. This does not imply that it is an effective choice for developing Android apps. Java is error-prone and not supports modernization at all, which has made the developers to switch to other better alternatives

Kotlin is one such option that is gaining immense popularity these days amongst the developers, and it is because of all the right reasons. It is error-free, secure and easy to maintain programming language.

Benefits of Kotlin Programming Language for Android App Development

Here are the reasons why you should choose Kotlin for Android app development:

  • Simple Setup

Earlier, the developers were forced to utilize a plugin to include the Kotlin programming language. The things have totally changed now with the release of Android Studio 3.0. With the help of in-built feature called “Support Kotlin Development”, Kotlin can be setup with minimal efforts.

  • Open-source

The best part about Kotlin programming language is that it is open-source. With the help of this, the developers can ensure top-notch development, and quality support from the Kotlin development team to resolve any issue at the earliest.

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  • Reduces Boilerplate Coding

This is one of the major reasons for using Kotlin for the Android app development. It decreases the boilerplate coding to a great extent, which eliminates the need to write long and repetitive codes. This in turn accelerates the process of Android app creation.

  • Provides Interoperability with Java

Kotlin provides 100% interoperability with Java. This leverages the app developers to deploy Java and Kotlin side by side in the single project without disturbing the development process. All you need is tools and frameworks to integrate Kotlin in your ongoing project without introducing big changes.

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  • Highly Secure than Java

When it comes to the security, Kotlin is a great option to go with. It helps to prevent the chances of coding flaws within the design, which is responsible for application crash. With Kotlin, the developers can develop high quality codes that are free from errors.

If you have plans to build an Android app, then you should look for the Android app development company that is equipped with the developers proficient in Kotlin language. Just take a look online to find the trusted names in this domain, and then make any decision for your project.