How Moodle App Development Can Upgrade User Experience

5 months ago

The landscape of online courses has drastically changed recently. LMS like Moodle has offered the required flexibility to Moodle development company in India paving way for them to offer exceptional digital e-learning experience.

Moodle has effectively helped companies to offer LMS solution to their clientele. Being an effective learning management system, Moodle has an exceptional set of features, which makes Moodle app development services easier for companies offering the assistance.

Among the set of efficient features that Moodle has, the development gets easier. Moodle LMS being the world’s most used platform for e-learning needs, has been getting all the attention owing to its exceptional features.

With the introduction of Moodle 4.0, there has been an improved consistency in the user-experience, which is a reason behind the ongoing popularity of Moodle learning management system.

Moodle 4.0 has everything that makes a user’s experience exceptional. By having a detailed understanding of how people are using Moodle LMS, the new versions of Moodle were added with excellent functions some of which are as follows.

Brief Information on Moodle Functionality

Secondary Navigation Menu

A secondary navigation menu rests beneath the primary menu on each page. Primary menu on place helps a user find immediate path back home. Secondary menu’s order of option comes by priorities indicated by the user research.

Simplified Course Completion Tools

This learner-focused feature is all about interface (assignment) that has been updated in order to accommodate clear deadlines and progress reports by students. Every task can be updated with open and close dates for submission. The interface is truly incredible for students to find out their progress through individual assignments.

Responsive Design

Moodle platform is fully-responsive allowing people to access the LMS through any device irrespective of its type and size. With a fully responsive user interface, users have now an easy accessibility of the platform. On the other hand, for a Moodle design company, the feature could help elevate users’ experience.

Advantages of Moodle

  • Moodle enjoys a global community support. In addition to it, Moodle is open source and therefore the code is open for scrutiny by developers worldwide.
  • Moodle is highly flexible, and a feature-rich platform. The availability of vast Moodle plugins allows easy Moodle configuration.
  • Moodle LMS is easy to integrate with cloud-based software like Salesforce, which allows increased productivity and effortless data management.

Experienced Moodle Developers to Offer Smooth Development Services    

For companies offering Moodle LMS services, the most important requirement is to have the capability of helping clients as per their bespoke needs. As one of the most versatile Moodle app development company in UK, IDS Logic has been offering exceptional development and designing services to the clients.

We have been serving customized requirements to the clients depending upon the precise requirements of their businesses.

Our Expertise in Different Moodle Customization

  • Moodle learning module implementation
  • Moodle module development
  • Easy Customizations
  • Moodle mobile app development
  • Moodle UI UX design
  • Moodle theme development
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Performance optimization
  • Easy deployment
  • LMS Hosting

In Conclusion

In order to get Moodle development services, let us know your requirements to gain the customized services that suit the specific needs of your business. We have been serving to the clients for their Moodle requirement, which have resulted in increased visibility over their website.