How Video Marketing Can Drive Success of Shopify Store?

1 year ago

Running a Shopify store successfully in a competitive eCommerce market is challenging. Abandoned cart and poor sales are common issues that store owners often face. Your products and services need to be promoted well amongst your potential customers to gain traction.

Creating brand’s unique identity will be possible with adoption of right marketing strategies. If you have invested your time and money in Shopify development, it is imperative to focus on product marketing. Your sales and conversion depends on how well you sell your products online.

“As per the survey, it has been found that 88% of customers made a product purchase by watching a brand’s video. This validates the fact videos create a deep impact on the customer’s buying decision. When incorporated strategically, your eCommerce business can witness tremendous growth.”

One of the best ways to gain the limelight on your products is video marketing. It is a powerful method to boost traffic and conversion of business. Your product images will not be enough to entice customers. Adding videos to your product pages will drive them towards your Shopify store to buy products.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a promotional tactic used by businesses to sell their products and services by creating videos. No matter how big or small your Shopify store is, it is a proven strategy that can drive traffic back to your eCommerce business.

Customers look for instant information for products they’re planning to purchase. Your long-piece of writing will not interest them as it unnecessarily wastes lots of time. What you should do is create engaging product videos to sell effectively and convert your prospects faster.

To put in simple words, visual content has a better engagement rate than textual content. It boosts revenue, traffic, and user experience of Shopify store.

Effective Ways for Using Videos to Promote Shopify Store

Videos when created in the right way can make your products popular online, and pulls customer in. There are many methods of creating product videos. All you need to do is to figure out the one that will suit best for your business.

Here are some ways to do video marketing to globalise your Shopify store, and accelerate your eCommerce growth:

Product Demos

Product demos are great for highlighting features and benefits in a striking manner. You can explain your potential customers how a product purchase can add value to their life. It helps to strengthen bonds with them that can get translated into sales.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are used to increase customers’ faith in your products. Many Shopify store owners have tried this method to grow their sales and revenue. By capturing short videos of the customer’s buying experience, you can build a social proof that can show your market credibility.

Video Advertisements

Personalised video ads are great for driving a higher engagement rate. If your budget allows, you should definitely invest in creating video ads that are interactive and attracts your potential customers. You can post them on social media platforms to extend business reach.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos help customers understand how to use any particular product with ease. This knowledge can avoid frustration amongst them regarding product usage. With how-to-guides, you can reduce the product complaints and returns to a great extent.

Benefits of Video Marketing in Increasing Growth of Shopify Store

Video marketing helps in building a human connection with customers that rewards Shopify store owners in the following ways:

Top Search Engine Rankings

Securing a top position in the search engine page results is an ultimate goal of any business. Google adores video content than the textual one due to its better engagement rate. Your product pages will get a higher search engine ranking if they will have video content.

Winning Customer’s Attention

Content in video format grabs attention of your prospects faster than your imagination. They prefer watching videos that explains features in a short form. A product page with video will drive more traffic than other type of content, and sell your products quickly.

Increases Brand Recognition

Video marketing provides more business exposure. Your customers can connect with your brand in a better way, and keep them returning for more. This will make you set distinct from your competitors. Your brand recognition will be enhanced when you share product videos on social media platforms.

Boosts Conversion Rate

Higher conversion and profitability is what any business aims for in the first place. Videos are easier to digest than texts that can build trust and convince customers to shop from your Shopify store. You will witness a sudden hike in sales performance with this marketing method.

Pleasant User Experience

Customers these days don’t go through long product descriptions while shopping. Product video is best to cope up with fast-paced shopping environment. It provides more information in less time and facilitates quick decision making. This results in an excellent user experience throughout.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential for business success. Selling products online is not that easy as you might never know when customers can return your products. To prevent such problem, it is best to leverage the potential of videos. You can showcase your products from various angles that lets them to visualise a product.

Hire Shopify Experts to Create Engaging Product Videos

Incorporate videos to your Shopify store with professional assistance is the best business decision that can provide a great return on investment. You can look for Shopify development companies that can offer valuable assistance in creating and adding product videos that convert faster.


Video marketing has transformed the way Shopify store owners used to promote and sell their products. It is a powerful sales pitch that helps in attracting customers worldwide. No matter how high-quality images your store have, adding videos in your product pages is a good idea to captivate your customers. Make sure any video you create should be short, engaging, and aligned to your business goals.