The Benefits of Online Forum in Your Moodle LMS Learning Application

4 years ago
The Benefits of Online Forum in Your Moodle LMS Learning Application

We all at some point or the other have participated in online discussions whether it is an official meeting or while using an online learning app, or anyone who frequents blogs knows the importance and benefits of forums and live chats. But for anyone who is still on the fence and are unable to decide whether they should join an online discussion or not, this blog is for them. While using classrooms, meetings or any Moodle LMS learning sites, a forum can help to focus on social as well as collaborative learning.

Learning from our peers is nothing new, and we have been doing it since the beginning with our friends and fellow classmates. But what about having a forum community exclusively for your Moodle learning applications?  How helpful will it be?

Let’s check this in this blog how forums can help in Moodle LMS learning courses

Helps to Solve Learner Isolation:

Forums when integrated with Moodle LMS application helps to solve the learner isolation which is now becoming a topic of discussion. The argument was that the learning should take place in a social setting, which means something like a training room and with distance learning this may not be possible to create. With discussion forums, people or learners can easily communicate with each other whom they had never seen before.

Learner Engagement:

Seeing others take part in discussion helps to motivate the students who are involved or a part of the forum group. This increases the learner’s engagement across the Moodle LMS development program and more engagement means increased rate of course completion.

Improves Communication:

With emails now considered to be a major productivity killer by many users, organizations now need to find new ways to improve the means of communication. An online forum can help to create a communication plan and this makes it much better than searching through a packed inbox of emails. With Forum discussions on your Moodle LMS website program everyone’s responses will be clear and in a chronological order. Another advantage is that the key point of discussion doesn’t have to be lost.

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Assistance and Support:

While doing an online Moodle LMS course, learners may often come across various issues that they need to overcome. Sometimes they may ask their friends for help, but in many cases, they too are unable to answer and the student is left to deal with the problem alone. With an online forum, you can simply create a discussion and ask your community to help. If everyone posts similar problems, then it will help to create a network which will be supported by each other.

Drive the Usage of Online Collaboration Tool:

Online forums don’t have to be a standalone entity and it can be a key part of your existing or new online collaboration tool. Having an online forum can contribute towards using more online collaboration tool and ensure that the discussions are around relevant topics that people want to actively participate in and this helps the stakeholders to regularly login and encourage with the tool and ultimately help the organization to attain project success.

Information Storage:

Another benefit of using a forum with your Moodle LMS is to crowdsource information. This user generated content is an important knowledge sharing resource over time and it is especially true when the learners share some information which cannot be found in any other sources. Your LMS forum can become a central part of the corporate training too.

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