The Essential List of Top .NET Developer Tools

4 years ago
The essential list of top .net tools

The .Net framework is an open source technology, which is used by millions of software developers and with its growth there has also been an increased demand for various third party development tools. Such tools have helped the developers in software development, debugging, code quality analysis and etc. and the tools have also helped to make everything more productive.

Here I have narrowed down the list which the developers should use to become more efficient:


This is a great tool that helps the .NET developers who want to control with PDF reports, standardized tags and etc. Users can continue with various activities inside the PDF by using simple and moderate SDK:  separate meta information, convert PDF, remove pictures to exceed the expectations and split PDF archives and etc.  It has a lot of conceivable instructional exercises, which can lead you through the subtleties of coding.


The NuGet package manager is a central package repository to use with the .NET application development and it has about 150 thousand unique packages and also more than 1.5 million package versions. It is your main instrument to introduce the libraries, frameworks and modules into your .NET projects and is great when used with an additional explorer tool.

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Resharper:  A Visual Studio Extension

Visual studio is highly customizable and particularly via its extensions. Resharper is a popular extension and the advantages of using it are better refactoring, improved code snippet, additional static code analysis, template engine and much more. .NET development companies in the U.K. can use it to analyse the code quality, avoid memory leaks, optimise the codes for performance and create conditional blocks and new classes.


This is a reliable ReSharper based decomplier and helps to debug the third party assemblies and codes. It is by using the dotPeek that you can examine the problems that occur in the third party components, without having any direct access to the source code. It is a simple, comprehensive and effective tool, which is also effective in recovering the lost code in the shortest possible time.


This is a Windows package manager which is gaining popularity in the .NET application development. The advantage of using this tool is that it works well with all the current programing establishment innovations like NSIS, MSI and etc. It comes with advanced PowerShell to give automated software management guidance and so many .NET development service providers use the tool to make and facilitate their packages in a repeatable and reliable model.


This is a client server application that has one client and multiple servers. With each query, the LINQPad tool creates a separate server and runs its own process and also implements the query in isolation which prevents the queries from interfering with each other allowing the tool to safely cancel a query without disturbing other application domains.

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PerfCollect and PerfView: 

If you are facing any performance issues with your .NET website, it is essential to gather the details on the problem and then use a tool that can trace the machine’s performance to figure out what caused the issue. PerfCollect is a Bash script, which automates the data collection and helps to capture perf trace file and analyse them. The PerfView is a Windows based performance tool and it can be used for the CPU and memory allocation tuning.


This is an open source framework which is designed for composing and doing tests in the Microsoft .NET programming languages. It is with the utilization of this tool that the .Net developers can run numerous tests simultaneously. It gives quick test outcomes and it doesn’t need human elucidation of test outcomes and makes fixing bugs easier, once they are recognized.