Tips to Create Better Moodle Courses

3 years ago
Tips to Create Better Moodle Courses

Undeniably, remote learning is not that simple despite popular belief. Many students from all over the world have expressed their concern that, despite deploying technology in the realm of education, they are finding it difficult to keep up with their lessons and get quality education they used to receive in traditional teaching methods.

Much like them, teachers are also facing difficulty while giving lectures to the students. There is an urgency to look for better ways to run online classes effectively. This is exactly where Moodle comes into the picture. Using this platform, you can create an engaging learning course for the learners with an efficacy.

If you are planning for Moodle course development, then here are the series of steps to create an excellent Moodle course for the learners.

Consistent teaching approach

Having consistency in the learning courses will ensure that your learners will solely concentrate on what they are learning rather than figuring out where to look for things. Here are some effective tips to maintain consistency in your content.

  • Using naming conventions for your sections, folders activities, and resources will be a good thing to start with. This will aid learners to understand where they are at in your course. You can also organize your blocks and layout consistently will help learners to search what they are searching for.
  • You should provide clear and consistent instructions for assignments and quizzes so they understand what they have to do. You should create completion criteria so they will know how they will get the green tick: do they have to achieve a certain grade; do they have to do an assignment submission?
  • Try to be visually consistent. Moodle has text style in the Atto text editor that permits you to organize information utilize headings and subheadings. This helps in making content accessible. It is advisable to select images and icons with a similar style to make your course look professional and organized.
  • You should utilize access restrictions, groupings, and overrides to arrange how and when learners will get you through specific sections in your course.
  • Display your learners with the course completion requirements. You can show them on the dashboard and throughout the Moodle course to make learners understand where they are at.

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Adding variety for increasing engagement

Adding a touch of variety in your Moodle courses can improve the engagement. It is best to create different types of activities that align with your learner’s interests while performing Moodle development.

Moodle offers plethora of tools that leverage you to build a variety of content and engage with the learners in a better way. Here are some useful tips to ensure that your content is engaging:

  • Provide personalised feedback to your learners with a short video or audio that can be recorded from within each text editor spot in Moodle.
  • Use of video content for engaging students. You can arrange all your videos in Books or in a Glossary section or put them in activities such as a Quiz or a Questionnaire.
  • Interaction with learners through live chat. It is considered as the right way for the collaboration. It would be great to include chat section in your Moodle course, so learners can interact with you and to each other whenever required.