What is Build Analyzer in Android? A Brief Overview

1 year ago
What is Build Analyzer in Android A Brief Overview

Android Studio 4.0 release comes with many new features and “Build Analyzer” is amongst them. This tool has created a much hype these days and is ideal for optimizing the build performance of the apps in an effective way. If you’ve an Android app, then it is important to have an understanding of this tool.

We’ve noticed the fact that while creating an Android app, it takes up some time. To know why it is taking that time, a Build Analyzer has been introduced. With its help, the Android developers can analyse the performance of the build project. Based on the information received, you can work on the build time.

Working of the Build Analyzer Tool

1- Build Analyzer will fetch the data using the Gradle Tooling API and the Android Gradle plugin every time when you deploy Android Studio for building the project.

2- With the Tooling API, you will get the Progress Listener that will have the details like the project configuration, task execution, and lots more.

3- The Android Gradle Plugin will have the details like task name, task class name mapping and configuration.

4- After the completion of project build, the Build Analyzer will utilize the analyzers for running this information. This will highlight the specific problem (if any).

Report Generation of the Build Analyzer Tool

Whenever you build your app, Android 4.0 will generate the Build Analyzer report. For viewing the report, you have to follow the step that are listed below:

1. Updating the Android Gradle Plugin to make it equivalent to 4.0.0 version

2. Create or re-create the application

3. Visit the Build Analyzer by choosing the Tool Windows

When you’ll click the Build Analyzer, an Overview page will be displayed. This page will contain the information related to this tool for boosting the build performance of the project.

With every report, you’ll get the options like task with plugins having build duration, and tasks along with build duration. While performing the analysis of the build, you will receive few warning from the end of the Android Studio which are not running in the right manner. You can fix them on time.

If you need more assistance on the Build Analyzer tool, then you can approach a leading Android app development company. They’ll guide you on this tool on how to utilize its potential to the fullest for improving the build time.