5 Best Android App Development Frameworks in 2021

3 years ago
Android App Development Frameworks

Millions of people are using mobile apps these days. Owing to their growing usage, businesses have realized the fact that mobile apps are key factors for ensuring success in the marketplace. In turn, they have launched their apps to get a competitive edge in their respective niche.

When it comes to the popular mobile operating system, Android secures the top spot. It is considered as a reliable choice for custom app development. The good news is that its market share is expected to increase by 87% in 2022. This is a clear indication that this OS is safe to build your apps on.

Popular Android App Development Frameworks to Look Out for in 2021

In general, a framework is a software that has been designed to simplify the process of app creation. Here are some top Android app development frameworks that you should surely try in 2021:


Ionic is free and open-source Android app development framework that comes with cross-platform capabilities. The apps that are built using this framework seamlessly run across multiple devices. It deploys modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to build robust, secure, and scalable apps.


Flutter has been developed by Google that are effective in native app development for web, mobile, and desktop. It is a powerful testing framework that performs UI, unit, and functionality testing very well. If you want to build a high-performing Android apps, then this framework is an ideal choice to go with.

React Native

React Native is another popular Android app development framework with cross-platform functionality. It is the topmost choice of the developers from all over the globe. With the help of platform-based interface components and built-in APIs, it makes the app development process simpler, faster, and cost-effective.

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This .NET based Android app development framework is an effective option for building superior quality apps. It utilizes a common codebase which significantly decreases the development time and cost for the Android apps to a great extent.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is an Android app development framework that is suitable for developing native apps. The developers can build dynamic and functional apps by utilizing JavaScript and HTML5. It comes with more than 50 UI components that are ideal for building attractive and high-performance Android apps.

Hire a Trusted Android App Development Experts

Choose an Android app development company that is having a good knowledge of all the leading frameworks to build innovative Android apps. Invest proper time in online research for the reputed names and then make a final decision.

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