Top 6 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

4 months ago

Deciding on the most appropriate programming language is critical for mobile app development companies. The article explains about the most popular programming languages.

Technology is evolving like anything making way for new techniques to usher. Talking precisely about mobile app development companies, there have been some new programming languages that are the most popular among such companies.

The write-up will discuss some of the most widely used programming languages that app development companies most commonly consider. Staying updated with these languages is important as it helps companies to remain aware of every new development that is happening.

Qualities of Apt Programming Languages for App Development

Not every programming language will work best for a particular situation. Therefore, it is important to choose the programming language for the job at hand. The selection of the right language depends majorly upon the project and the development needs it has.

It is also critical to have some knowledge about the qualities that such programming languages has so that you can know which are better than others.

Here are some of the qualities that a programming language must have to be considered worthy enough for mobile app development requirements.

Ease of Use Programming Languages

A programming language that is easy to learn and use is the right example to consider for mobile app development. This implies that anyone who has a basic understanding of coding can easily pick a language that could work for a certain project. From a developer’s point of view, choosing the best language also depends upon the skill sets that developers possess.

Open-Source Nature of Programming Languages

Most modern programming languages are open-source in nature, meaning they are available for free to download and they have been developed by independent developers and not by large corporations. The best thing about open-source programming languages is that people can use and discuss the issues (if they face any) with a vibrating community that these languages are backed by. There are discussion forums that offer complete support to developers seeking any technical assistance.

Performance of Programming Languages

An excellent programming language will perform exceptionally well in terms of technical aspects like coding and running smoothly on an application. The speed and hardware operation of any particular programming language also contributes to the performance of a programming language. The better the performance, the better the programming language.

Community Support

As we all know there is a large community of coders that form a thriving group in order to discuss issues and other important factors about a particular programming language. This community keeps an eye on updates and helps to spread knowledge about the same among other community members. These coders help to fix bugs, along with making the use of language easier for everyone who is a part of the community.

Impressive Documentation

Issues and problems are a part of apps that any mobile app development company creates. Sometimes, these issues easily get resolved with the help of forums and tutorials available online but other times it gets difficult to find solutions to some tough issues. Therefore, when building mobile apps, the chosen programming language must be such that it has good documentation so that it gets easier for developers to figure out issues while carrying on the development task.

Let’s have a Brief on All These Programming Languages  

1 & 2. JavaScript and React Native for Development

JavaScript is an open-source programming language. It is an impressive platform to develop cross-platform apps that are compatible with iOS and Android. The versatile nature of this programming language makes it a popular choice for mobile app developers. The cross-platform compatibility is another benefit that comes with this programming language.

Benefits of using JavaScript and React Native

  • Code Reusability

Code reusability is one of the greatest advantages that come with react native, meaning similar code can be used for two different platforms and there is no need to develop two different codes. 90% of the same code can be utilised, which helps to increase the efficiency of development resulting in quick mobile app development results.

  • UI Centric

Using the React JavaScript library ensures responsiveness and speed 9of app) that is efficient. This results in a component-based approach that is capable of rendering even complex user interfaces.

  • Cost-effective

The fact that there is no need to hire two separate developers i.e. one for Android and one for iOS makes it affordable for companies offering mobile app development services at an affordable cost. The ease of using a similar code for two different platforms saves a huge amount of cost for developers.

  • Native Look & Feel

The native look and feel of an application are possible due to React Native’s user interface, which is native in nature. Added to that is JavaScript, which also enhances the looks.

3. Swift

Swift is the right programming language for mobile app developers interested in iOS mobile app development services. There are a number of benefits associated with swift development including safety features and readability. This makes coding easier for iOS developers. The multi-purpose language is good for apps to be developed on proprietary platforms. Other benefits of Swift mobile app development include vibrant community support, faster performance, syntax readability and more.

Benefits of using Swift

  • Cross-Platform Programming Language

The cross-platform advantage of a programming language makes it ideal to be used across platforms for mobile app development requirements. The open-source Swift can easily be used with Windows and Linux.

  • Intuitive and User-friendly

Swift is one of the programming languages that has been created to be impressively useful for users to learn and use. The language syntax is concise, the code is simpler, and the interface is exceptionally intuitive. All this makes Swift incredibly exceptional to use.

  • Speed

With Objective-C, developers can use less code than actually required due to the use of LLVM as the compiler framework, this helps to optimize the programming language making development fast and reducing the development hiccups for developers.

  • Security

C-based languages are safe to use and therefore the applications using the programming languages automatically have robust security built within the application for users.

4. Java

The robustness of Java across different environments makes it the top choice for both i.e. mobile app development companies and for app developers as well. Java’s exceptional features like platform independence, which means writing code once and running it on any platform makes it quite easier for developers to consider it for any kind of development. More to this, Java has a matured ecosystem, which offers impressive libraries, tools, frameworks and more to kickstart any development work.

Benefits of using Java

  • Java is Open-Source

Having an open-source nature ensures the SDK is available for free use. They can easily view, learn, and use the code as per the requirements of the mobile application. This helps create an optimised build that could be customised as per the project’s need.

  • Community Driven

Java has a vibrant community including developers, users, and everyone who wants to use the programming language. The community also helps when it comes to taking over a discussion about issues, or any problem that a developer or a user is facing while getting into development work.

  • Easy to Learn

Java is easy to learn owing to C-like syntax. Added to this, JDK (Java development kit) is backed by high-quality documentation making it much easier to get in-depth knowledge if required by the user. Documentation ensures that if you have an issue, a solution is already available there.

  • Statically Typed Programming Language

Java is a statically typed programming language meaning developers can specify if a variable is double, integer, float, string, int or char. This offers two distinctive benefits, including a large code base that becomes easier to manage and second it helps to optimize the runtime environment.

5. Python

Python is the right choice of platform for developing web mobile apps and desktop-based applications as well. It provides an easy-to-read syntax accessible to people who are just starting with mobile app development work. The programing language is equally rewarding to those who are experienced in providing mobile app development services. The developers can make use of extensive libraries that ensure faster mobile app development. Being open-source, Python makes developing native applications easier.

Benefits of using Python

  • Python Helps in Rapid Development

Python is versatile, which is a reason that ensures rapid mobile app development for developers. It also allows developers to try new things while the development is under process. Python thus offers the required flexibility needed in development phase.

  • An extensive Range of Framework Available

Python has a huge library and frameworks as well that ensure rapid app development in addition to including a wide range of functionality within the application. Therefore, when working with Python, there is no requirement to use external libraries.

  • Write Once Run Everywhere

Python has the added benefit of portability, meaning once the code is written it can easily be run anywhere. One thing that developers and users must keep in mind is to not include system-dependent features.

  • Robust Community Support

As with a number of other programming languages, Python also has a vibrant community to take care of issues and problems that anyone related to the Python community comes across. There are a number of guides, guidelines, instructional videos, and everything else that a user would like to come across when facing a development issue.

6. C#

C# is an object-oriented programming language. The programming language is an impressive one for a number of reasons. Since the beginning, it has included features to support new workloads and emerging designs in software development. Due to its scalable feature, C# most commonly is used for developing robust and durable applications.

Benefits of using C#

  • Support and Documentation Available

The documentation and support are available with C# make it efficient for new users to learn and utilise the language for development purposes. The available documentation ensures that there is continued development as a result of which issues related to development can easily get resolved, all thanks to the available documentation.

  • Object-oriented Language

The best thing about object-oriented languages is that the components are easy to define. That helps developers manage a database of any length while defining each of the components in the same.

  • Cross-platform Benefit

Being a cross-platform programming language, the benefit that comes along with this is, a single code is easier to run on other different platforms, which makes the job efficient and hassle-free for developers.

  • Quick Development

With C# the development gets much faster owing to the availability of libraries and frameworks. It ensures that developers can add any functionality they would like to include in the development.

Best Programming Languages for App Development: How to Choose the One

One of the factors for the success of your application is of course the choice of programming language for development. In order to fulfill the precise requirements of the application and get the best result out of the same, it is important to choose the right one. Here are some suggestions to select the best programming language.

Project Requirement

The type of application in the development does influence the choice of programming language. Most commonly for apps that are not very specific, general programming languages, like Java, Python, and C# can work the best. However, in some instances, specific language work effectively outstanding. Therefore, depending upon the requirement of the project, a specific language is determined.

Benefits Associated with Programming Languages

Every programming language has some benefits and limitations associated with it. A mobile app developer must have knowledge about the same in order to choose something that doesn’t have any limitations in terms of technical functionality that may hamper the development of an application.

Therefore, before choosing the programming language it is good to have the knowledge about the benefits and the limitations of the same. It will help to choose the right language.

Consider Platform and Device

The app you will be developing will run on a specific platform and therefore the device. The apps can be developed in particular for Android or Apple or to run on all platforms and therefore the choice of programming language becomes paramount for the same. Python is a choice of language for developing an app for both platforms, i.e. Android and iOS. In case, you want an app for Android, Kotlin is the choice, and for Apple, it is Swift. Therefore, it makes sense to choose the right language for the specific platform.

App Complexity & Performance

The complexity of an application can many times be the reason for choosing the right programming language for development. This will also include the technology to be used, the size of the project, and the functionality required. Complex apps are broken down into smaller components in order to find the best language to suit the different app functionality.

Time and Budget

The time allotted for developing an application and the budget allowed for the same have an impact on choosing the right programming language for the mobile app development requirements. Companies providing services for app development therefore generally work on deadlines (sometimes very strict) to get the work done. Budget, on the other hand, is also a factor for such companies to choose the right programming language.

Expertise of the Developer

Knowing a programming language in and out is helpful when it is about developing an application. In case, your developer’s skill set is an apt match and the professional has a command over the selected programming language, the development gets smooth and easier along with the deadline that gets effortlessly managed as well.       

In the End

Choosing the correct programming language is critical when it comes to developing an enterprise application. Knowing which language suits your business requirements the best is easier by contacting a reliable mobile app development firm. There are trusted service providers who can help you with globally-acclaimed services for offering app development services customised to the requirements of the business.