5 Ecommerce Development Trends that Will Gain Popularity in 2022

2 years ago
eCommerce Development

Technological advancements are at its peak. Ecommerce industry has shown a remarkable progress in the last couple of years with the implementation of the latest technologies to serve the customers in a better way. The retailers are trying their 100% to win the customer’s heart in order to convince them to shop.

As per the research, it has been predicted that the worldwide eCommerce sales will surpass $5 trillion. One of the effective ways to increase the sales and revenue of your eCommerce business is by focusing on improving the customer service. To get the best results from your eCommerce development efforts, you need to stay abreast with the latest technologies.

Keeping up the rising expectations of the customers; it is recommended to integrate the technologies that will enhance the experience to a great extent. Here are the top trends that will determine the bright future of the eCommerce industry:


With the advent of chatbots, the dynamics of customer support has changed a lot. The combination of AI & automation in the chatbots will take the customer service experience to a different level. This technology will help in interacting with the customers in real-time, resolving their queries anytime, and assisting them to make the right purchasing decision, thus, ensuring repeat visits.

Multiple Payment Methods

Nowadays, the customers want variety of payment options during the checkout process. By diversifying it, you can make a huge difference to your eCommerce business. Your credibility will get improved with a reduction in the cart abandonment rate and rise in the sales performance.

Voice Commerce

With the rise in popularity level of the smart speakers, more and more customers will opt for the voice search for shopping online. This is a convenient method to shop as it will eliminate the need to write texts to search the products. Just speak what you want, and relevant results will be displayed instantly. It is that simple! Integrating voice search technology in eCommerce will prove to be a game changer.

Mobile Shopping

Having an eCommerce website that is optimized for the mobile devices is extremely important these days. With major traffic coming from the mobile devices, you can ignore this thing at all. Therefore, you need to build an eCommerce website that adapts easily to the screen size of any device, and allows shopping while on the go.

Video Marketing

Creating videos for your eCommerce website is a great way to win the attention of your target audience. You can create how-to-guides for your products and services to explain your customers properly. In addition to this, you can create tutorials with user-centric content that you can post on social media handles. This has provided effective results to the retailers who have opted for this thing.

Choose a reputed eCommerce development company that can incorporate all the recent technologies in your eCommerce store in an efficient manner. This is the way to sustain your market position, and boost the sales performance by attaining a competitive edge.