5 Useful Android App Development Tips Using Kotlin

2 years ago
Android App Development

Android platform is a popular choice for building robust, secure, and flexible apps in a cost-effective way. It has a huge share in the mobile app marketplace with millions of users all across the world. That’s why businesses are opting for the Android app development to build the winning mobile app efficiently.

Android mobile app development platform offers the best and the latest tech stack that speeds up the development process. It consists of numerous tools, frameworks, and programming languages that are extremely helpful during the development process. To develop the Android app that matches the client’s specifications, the developers are making the most of it.

Kotlin is considered as a powerful framework that offers out-of-the-box features to create modern and advanced Android apps for the businesses. It is one of the safest frameworks that is super-suited for multi-platform app development projects. This is the reason why startups and large-scale companies are utilizing this framework.

Here, in this post, we’ve discussed the top tips for utilizing Kotlin for Android app development. Let’s check them out in detail:

Start a New Project

Building a new app project using Kotlin will provide the fruitful results in the long run. Using this framework is not at all difficult. It is suggested to use it for building a project from scratch rather than opting for an already built project. This will aid in giving you a deeper understanding of this framework.

Make Use of Lambdas

This is a cross-platform app development function that is mainly used for decreasing the code lines in the database backend. It simplifies the development process to a great extent. To attain the optimum performance of Android app, the developers can utilize various libraries and features as well.

Code Conversion into Kotlin

Before starting the Android app project, it is important to learn this programming language properly. This is because you will be required to covert the Java code into Kotlin. Choose a trusted Android app development company UK that is equipped with developers who knows all the ins and outs of the Kotlin framework.

Deploy Collection Filtering

With Kotlin framework, you will get the collect filtering facility that leverages to modify the collection content while utilizing an API. It is useful for enhancing the code structure of the app content. This makes it easy for the developers to understand the backend data structure of the app.

Choose Custom Getters

You can improve the accessibility of your app by using the custom getters. This aids both the developers and designers to improvise the UX design, and contributes towards the higher engagement rate. On top of that, your app’s installation will be increased at the same time.