A Comprehensive Guide on the Website Uptime

3 years ago
A Comprehensive Guide on the Website Uptime

In the digital ecosystem, building a website has become more important than ever before. It is a way to connect with your target audience faster by displaying them the best information about your service offerings. So, it has to stay functional all the time to keep them engaged for a longer time.

At present, the people spend a lot of time online for gathering information. Therefore, it is essential for the business to maintain their site’s uptime. If you are not getting sufficient time for this task, then it is best to look for 24*7 website maintenance and support service.

What exactly is Website Uptime?

Website uptime is defined as the time duration for which the website is available to the users without any disruption. It is one of those factors that are used for measuring the performance of your website.

Even a second of downtime can result in the business failure as it affects retention and conversion rate badly. If your website is facing downtime, then there are reasons behind this issue. Some of the common causes of downtime are:

  1. Power Outage
  2. Hardware and Software issues
  3. Malware and Cyber-attacks
  4. Poor Internet Connectivity
  5. Natural Calamity

Although, it is not possible to achieve 100% uptime, but you can still attain 99.9% uptime for your website to keep up its impeccable performance throughout by paying attention on the website maintenance part.

Importance of Website Uptime for Business

In this section, we’ve cited the reasons why website uptime is so important. Let’s take a look at them:

Impacts Search Engine Ranking

Website uptime is the top ranking factor that has a direct effect on the search engine ranking. Having higher visibility online helps in driving higher traffic and sales for your business.

Maintains Online Reputation

With 99.9% uptime, you will be available to your customers all the time. They can access all the information on your website without any interruption, thus, creating a positive impression about your brand.

Higher Revenue Generation

Keeping up the good uptime will attract more and more visitors towards your website. This will maximize your chances of conversion, which means improved sales performance for your business.

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Essential Tips for Maintaining an Excellent Website Uptime

Pick the Best Hosting Service

The topmost thing that you should do is to choose the reliable hosting service provider for your website. Just go through their uptime history and the client satisfaction rate to judge their competency. Make sure that they provide round the clock support to tack your site’s uptime.

Checking the Site’s Security

With robust security in place, your website can attain a good uptime. For this purpose, you need to secure your server from the hackers, create regular files backup, block malwares, etc.

Keep Your Site Updated

Ensure that your website is updated as per the latest web trends to deliver high-grade performance. This will help you in attaining a competitive edge in the market that is vital for its success.

Regular Maintenance

There are certain maintenance tasks that needs to be performed on a regular basis such as installing security patches, software upgrades to name a few. This safeguards your website against the malware and cyber-attacks.

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