The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Scalability

7 months ago

Using WooCommerce to power your online store is a great way to bring in growth. With more traffic comes great sales that ultimately leads to profit margins. While making ultimate profit is one thing, continuing to deliver a stellar user experience is another. To offer a similar experience choosing the right WooCommerce development services are essential.

WooCommerce offers great scalability. But it is essential to ensure that the services have been configured the right way. An overall scalability includes scaling, growth strategy, right amount of traffic on the store and of course an exceptional user experience as mentioned earlier.

Scaling WooCommerce Store: What Does it Entail

Scaling is a broad concept. However, the very first impression that scalability bring into the users’ mind is traffic.

The more the traffic, the better your Business. That’s what most people think. But that’s not entirely true. While influx of website visitors is an important consideration, it doesn’t essentially add to revenue directly.

For example- it may be possible that visitors are coming to your website but are not staying for intended time frame. This situation will increase the pageviews but will not favour business profits.

Scaling in broader sense incudes capacity to expanding the store, maintaining website performance, and keeping user friendliness intact. With services from a trusted WooCommerce development agency, you can easily maintain growth in these crucial areas.  

In order to scale WooCommerce store properly, the following metrics should always be accommodated:

  • Expansion in traffic coming from authentic resources
  • Increase in order volume

How to Scale WooCommerce Store?

WooCommerce is a scalable platform. It is designed to accommodate high traffic volumes. However, there are some prerequisites that must be maintained in order to ensure successful scalability.

Services from an experienced WooCommerce development agency can ensure smooth growth process and scalability the right way.

Now that you have required information of technical aspects, it’s time to know how to bring scalability to your WooCommerce store.

Strategy 1: Use Strategic Caching

It’s a common myth of store owners to completely stay away from caching. The game with caching entirely changes with a WooCommerce store and you need to look at this in a different manner.

With your WooCommerce site, you can comfortably cache the following:

  • Product category and catalogue pages
  • Past browsing history of customers (abandoned carts)

In case, you wish to employ strategic caching, services from a reputed WooCommerce UK company can be of great help.

Strategy 2: Minimalist approach towards plugins

WooCommerce has an entire ecosystem built around it as it exists as a WordPress plugin. This ecosystem can sometimes seems to be resource heavy.

An extended number of plugins active on a site greatly impacts its speed and ultimately the entire performance. Therefore, always have a minimalist approach towards choosing a right plugin.

A renowned WooCommerce development company can greatly help in this endeavour.

Strategy 3: Keep Everything Updated

By keeping everything up-to-date including WordPress core, themes, plugins, extensions, it gets easier to ensure security and optimal website performance as well.

Enabling auto-upgrade plugins will ensure the site remains updated. Auto-update minimizes your efforts to manually carry out things as soon as a release is made available.

Strategy 4: Regular Load Testing

Load testing signifies generating a false sense of traffic to your website in order to determine its performance at certain instances. There are specific tools and scripts available to load test your website in order to find outcomes.

Regular load testing ensures that your website is ready to manage an increased amount of traffic and does not show any downtime in such scenarios.

Strategy 5: Employ Dedicated WooCommerce Development Agency

Employing a dedicated WooCommerce development agency would ensure scaling issues are being taken care of while employing the required services.

Selected agency will also ensure the site is regularly optimized for optimal performance, and can handle any amount of traffic at any given point of time.

Strategy 6: Making Best Use of Content Delivery Network

Using CDN or content delivery network brings scalability by accelerating content delivery of the website across all users in different parts of the world. This becomes useful when a website experiences traffic from different parts of the world.

A CDN is also useful when it comes to lowering the cost of site’s bandwidth. By shifting some of the traffic to CDN, the hosting cost can easily be reduced.

How to scale beyond performance?

WooCommerce has some excellent extensions that offers scalability at every step of development.

Be it inventory management, shipping and fulfilment requirements, or adding new functionalities, WooCommerce offers a host of opportunities to enhance scalability.

Additionally, choosing the right WooCommerce company uk would ensure customized solutions are being offered when continually advancing the platform from different view point.